Vibrobullet Glam shoots to an orgasm

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Our editor told us how the California Exotic Novelties toy shoots.


Text and photo: Ekaterina Nikolaeva

Russian version

It was difficult to get started with the review of the vibrobullet fr om CalExotics because it is not easy to let it go off hands, as well as to keep it in them! I have long dreamed of having a toy fr om this company, as I am impressed by the philosophy of the brand and its creator. A shiny holographic box with the same shiny thing inside made me wildly delighted!


The package consists of a cardboard box and a transparent plastic lid. In the part wh ere there is a very convenient projection on the lid to easily open the box, there is a sticker, but without protective inscriptions or holograms – just a transparent round sticker. However, according to its condition, you can check whether the box was opened before you or not. By the way, on this transparent cover the name of the vibrobullet is written in large holographic form – Glam. The design of the box and the vibrobullet itself are also more than glamorous, even a little flashy: you definitely won't miss this on the shelf of a sex-shop!

On the packaging, if you start looking at it, there are important designations: water resistance and a rechargeable battery. On the back of the box there is a photo of the vibrobullet itself (not in full size), it is shown wh ere to stick the charger (we'll talk about this later) and brief characteristics: 10 modes, quiet motor (spoiler: I would not say so), simple management, 100% waterproof, one-year warranty. And on one of the sides there is a greeting from the founder of the brand Susan Colvin – I personally love those moments of personalization in products!

The vibrobullet itself is hidden under the transparent cover. The shiny and sparkling! The box has a convenient recess for a finger to easily and quickly get the toy – I always appreciate such little things – it's about taking care of the consumer. A charging wire, a small instruction in English, a large but generakky useless manual in 8 languages, and another piece of foam plastic are hidden under a foam plastic ins ert. Packaging verdict: with consumer convenience in mind, but not environmentally friendly. Yes, by the way, as for a bag for storing such a glamorous beauty, alas, there is none.


The box contains, in fact, two manuals. The first, slightly larger than a business card, is in English, and this is a direct instruction to this vibrobullet. Briefly: turn on/off by pressing a button for three seconds, circular mode switching, two hours of charging, fifty minutes of operation at the highest speed, one and a half hours at the lowest. And a description of the fact that the blue LED light blinks during charging, and when the device is charged, it does not blink. What else is needed for such a simple device as the Glam vibrobullet, I don't even know.

The second manual is huge, in eight languages, but all in general terms and, in fact, useless. It's just an insert for any sex device: wash it, use it with lubricant, hide it from children and instructions on how to charge it or how to change batteries. My advice: don't pay too much attention to this piece of paper.


By the way, everything is correctly described about charging in the instructions. Charges in two hours. If you constantly switch modes, as I did, then in general the toy's charge will be enough for an hour of work. At the bottom of the vibrobullet there is a small thin hole for the plug (remember, the device is completely waterproof), and at first glance it may seem that the plug will not fit there. Even as it fits – shove it in more confidently! At the other end, the charging wire, like all modern toys, has a USB output.


In some way, it reminded me of my ex: only 8.5 cm long, although for a vibrobullet this is very good. Dimensions at the base – 2.6 × 2.3 cm. Yes, the bullet at the base has an almost square shape, although in general its shape is close to what is called a truncated pyramid in geometry, but its edges are very smoothed, so in general are not felt in the girth. The dimensions in the narrowest part are 1.8 × 1.4 cm. Weight – 61 grams.


Glam is made of glamor metallic-finish ABS-plastic material without any seam or roughness – perfectly smooth, the base is from medical grade silicone, and thanks to the base, inoperative bullet can stand firmly. Thanks to the ABS plastic, the bullet can be used with any type of lubricant – this is a definite plus! But the coating that pleases the eye with a metallic sheen has one drawback: if a bullet, in a burst of its powerful vibration, escapes from your hands and falls, then barely noticeable scratches may form on the coating. Another disadvantage of its glamorous shine is that any traces of touching the toy are immediately noticeable.

Also keep in mind that ABS plastic itself is very smooth, and when using any type of lubricant, the device becomes very slippery, add to this the frantic vibration of the baby – and a bullet can really shoot out of your hands!

Glam's plastic is very pleasant tactilely and instantly gains body temperature, so it is so pleasant even to just hold it in your hands!

The most interesting thing is vibration!

The baby has 10 modes and only one control button. It is located at the bottom of the vibrobullet, marked with engraving and a small depression. But in general, given the size of the vibrobullet, it is easy to find the button: it is very convenient to hold the toy and turn it on with your thumb. As for control, everything is very simple: holding it for three seconds turns the device on and off, a short press (you will hear a click) switches modes in a circle. The first three modes are escalation, and the other seven are patterns. There is no memory – the glamorous thing will turn on again from the first mode. In principle, such toys do not require particularly complex controls.

So that's about vibration. It is really something! Now it is the most powerful toy in my collection!!! It even beats the Titan Wand.

If you hold a bullet working in the third mode (the most powerful), then the vibration pierces to the elbow! Hands very quickly start to go numb and itching, the same, by the way, happens with the clitoris ... But this baby will bring to orgasm quickly – in less than a minute – just shoots it! I haven't even gone further than the second mode! If you put a bullet on your palm, it will either start spinning furiously on it, or jump off and start hopping hysterically on the floor!

It can also be used for rabbing (stimulation through clothes) – excellently pierces to orgasm! It can be used as a vibrator for vaginal stimulation, but it still feels a little harsh inside, so with DP it can cause discomfort. By the way, you can't use it for anal penetration due to the lack of a stopper – don't even risk it! Yes, and I do not recommend bringing it to your mouth: vibration can be furious in the truest sense of the word!

For a sex with a partner, you can, of course, be used to stimulate the clitoris, but it all depends on the partner: the vibration is very powerful and can cause slight numbness, the same is possible when a partner with a penis is stimulated during manual or oral sex. Nevertheless, this glamorous thing is very powerful and interesting, and it can also be used as a vibrating massager: just turn it on and lie on it with your back, for example, or with your lower back. It is very convenient to relieve stress, especially after a working day or before sex.

Well, and of course, the plus of the toy is its complete waterproofness: you can safely take it with you to the bath! Although every time I see the circles and splashes that she produces in the water, it seems to me that it can also whip cocktails or turn cream in to butter.

Glam is powerful and not to say that it is quiet: from 50 to 60 dB at the most powerful mode, the sound is amplified by the material, after all, silicone itself absorbs sound, unlike plastic, so you can't play with it completely imperceptibly.

Glamorous baby will be a great gift, first of all, thanks to the stylish and sparkling packaging, as well as its shiny appearance. It is also perfect for those who are just starting to get acquainted with sex toys, although for beginners its power can frighten. But those who have reduced sensitivity, the baby can please even more!

Glam vibrobullet from CalExotics was provided by the S-Market company.