New Nova: a detailed test drive

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The editors carefully studied the updated version of the We-Vibe rabbit vibrator.


Ekaterina Nikolaeva

Russian version

I will say right away that Nova2 from We-Vibe is my first Nova so I can only compare it with the previous version of this device from We-Vibe based on the test drives of sex bloggers.

What is in the box?

Firstly, I was impressed by how the box itself was organized, some moments reminded me of the organization of storage in iPhone boxes: a finger hole to access the bottom tier of the box, where a snow-white storage bag and instructions, a charging wire, and taster 2ml lubricant from Pjur (good lubricant, but very small taster – sadness).

The box itself is a separate instruction for the device. The toy's advantages are described in eight languages: “adjustable grip, flexible handle, waterproof, rechargeable battery and a smartphone app”. There is also a separate diagram on the box, where the stimulators and flexible points of Nova2 are indicated and at least in three places on the package it is indicated that the toy can be controlled via the application. But there is no QR code for this application, probably, it visually did not fit into the packaging design.


I always read the instructions, as We-Vibe themselves call it - a user guide for a quick start. Almost all instructions are in English, with the exception of the 2-year warranty information and the warning that this device is not intended for use by children or people with reduced physical, mental or sensory capabilities. Ok, it's still clear about people with mental disabilities, but about people with limited sensory or physical abilities... somehow, I don't even know. As a person who works with the blind and the wheelchair users, I can say that people with limited sensory or physical abilities in many areas can give a head start. But it is possible that manufacturers are trying to play it safe to the maximum.

Let's return to the instructions, although they are in English, but everything is very clear – the main points are all in pictures. It is convenient, simple and understandable for anyone (all that remains is to add Braille or tactile images, or at least a soundtrack to the application - and the toy will be even more understandable for people with limited sensory abilities).

By the way, about the app: the instructions contain a QR code with a link to how to connect Nova2 to the app. But bad luck - this page was not found.


Outwardly, Nova2 does not look like a vibrator at all, but it looks like a rabbit in profile! It is equipped with two independent motors: in the clitoral process and basically it is entirely covered with a seamless velvety medical silicone, which gives an additional safety factor and full waterproofness! The color of the toy is also very nice – dark pink - not lusciously girly and not too bright as well. And the coating does collect dust, and does not have any extraneous odors.

The length of the entire toy is 30 cm, the length of the inserted part (on the inner side) is 12 cm, the length of the clitoral process (on the inner side) is 6 cm. The width of the inserted part at the entrance is 3 cm, and the width of the zone for stimulating the G-spot is twice as large. As far as I know, during the development of Nova2, the last two parameters were changed: the toy became thinner at the base, and the end stimulating inside was wider. This made it possible, firstly, to make the base more adaptive (more on this separately), and, secondly, everything is simple – the wider the stimulating end, the more chances to find that very cherished point inside but in fact – to deliver more pleasure. The clitoral process at the base is 2 cm wide, and in the widest part, where the little motor is hidden, it is 3.5 cm. The weight of the toy is 207g, but due to its ergonomic design, it seems much lighter.

It is operated quite simply by gently sloping but tangible buttons. The “+” button is responsible for turning on (single short press) and for increasing the vibration strength, the “–“ button is responsible for lowering the vibration strength and, when pressed for a long time, for turning it off. By the way, pressing the “+” and “–“ buttons simultaneously for three seconds blocks the control, for example, during travelling. Two arrows on the sides allow you to switch between 10 vibration patterns. There is also a separate button that allows you to switch between the motors: leave only the clitoral process, the main one, or both at the same time, and a long press on this button is necessary to pair the Nova2 with a smartphone. In general, the ability to easily switch between the types of stimulation is very convenient and enjoyable in the process, you can, for example, train the “bridge” orgasm technique, or simply focus on one type of stimulation.

On the comfortable ergonomic handle there is also a non-bright LED that informs when the toy is turned on or that the battery is low – it starts blinking.

The cool thing about the toy is that both ends can be adjusted in every way to suit the anatomy! For example, the base of the clitoral process is soft and bends in every possible way. You can stimulate the clitoris both with the entire process as a whole, and with its very tip, for example – this will be completely different sensations! The base of the vaginal process also easily changes its shape – you can safely and smoothly bend it at will! If the clitoral process is simply soft and flexible at the base, then the vaginal process has a hard but bendable base with a memory effect. So, you can set up stimulation of the front wall, the back wall, or even use the toy “on the other side”! Special thanks to the manufacturers for the fact that the tip of the vaginal part is soft, not hard! This makes the stimulation much more comfortable.

Quiet but powerful

Nova2 is surprisingly quiet: at the highest speed, vibrations do not exceed 46dB! That is, no one can hear you behind a closed door or in the bathroom. This quietness struck me fr om the very first moment of use, and I tested the device in the bathroom, if it were not for the powerful vibration, I would have thought that it did not work at all.

But quiet vibration is not all that will surprise you in Nova2! You know this moment when you switch the mode and fall out of the wave of pleasure for a split second? I don't know how, but the We-Vibe developers made the stimulation continuous!!! It doesn't matter if you switch between motors or switch a pattern - the vibration doesn't stop for a moment! It just changes. It's incredible.

As a result, with Nova2 you can endlessly explore your pleasure! Playing with the position of both processes, or switching stimulation and modes, and without losing pleasure. Although no, it will not work endlessly - the toy is created to achieve orgasm in a very fast and categorical way – powerful, but quiet vibrations pierce from within, causing more and more waves of pleasure.

Transatlantic sex

I wanted Nova2 the most because of the power of the We-Connect app. The app downloaded fast, but with connecting to the toy sometimes there are problems – it doesn’t connect immediately and why – it is unclear.

To connect the toy to the phone, you need to launch the application and press the top button on the toy, after three seconds the toy will vibrate twice and the power-on light will blink, we continue to hold the button, do not release it until a notification about the connection appears and the toy vibrates again. This is wh ere, by the way, one of the problems of disconnection lies: if you slightly loosen the button press the connection between Nova2 and the smartphone may not be established.

The application is very interesting: in addition to visualizing 10 existing modes, you can manually vary the degree of vibration of each of the motors, and you can also create your own mode or control the device using voice or music. Another incomparable advantage of the application is the indexing of the device's charge level.

Well, the most important feature that I tested on my first evening, along with moisture protection, is remote control. The access link was sent across the Atlantic Ocean!

When a partner is online, his icon is green. The application has a chat and the ability to make audio or video calls. As soon as someone leaves the application, all correspondence instantly disappears. In addition, in order to connect, a partner only needs a link and installation of the application, that's it, no registration and no names. Confidentiality is strictly maintained. No one will ever know who you... who controlled your toy.

This experience of a remote control of a sex device is interesting, unusual and brings something new to a relationship, especially when there are oceans between you. True, the first time you will hardly be able to achieve an orgasm because with us for example the first time was a pure test. But it was damn interesting! Yes, if you are going to experiment in the same way, then do not forget to fully charge your smartphone, because controlling a toy, and the video chat, drains the battery. By the way, about the video chat: using video chat or controlling a device using music sometimes make the application freeze, and if during a session you or your partner switch between the applications (for example, you need to urgently answer a call), the connection with Nova2 will be lost for together with the vibration.

But if you quickly close the application, then the device will treacherously blink for another five minutes – so it goes into standby mode, and it cannot be turned off from the buttons.

The application is completely intuitive. In general, for such an opportunity – to control the device remotely – I would like to especially thank the We-Vibe developers!

I can confidently say that Nova2 has now become my favorite sex toy: she provides simply unlimited opportunities for self-examination to find the greatest pleasure, and with its fascinating shape and surprising tactility makes you won’t let this device out of your hands.

Nova2 was provided for a test drive by the National Company "Kazanova 69".