Men do test drive: Arcwave ION

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The most anticipated new product of 2020 – the Arcwave Ion male masturbator – arrived at the editorial office and was meticulously tested by the Forest Cat.


Text: Forest Cat
Photo and video: NuArt Studio

Russian version

Gentlemen! Have you ever wondered how women feel during orgasm? Did you want to try? Then come with me and I will tell you what it is like!

New, unique and revolutionary – today these epithets belong to the Arcwave company, which, after conducting a series of studies, this year (well, finally!) popularly explained to all of us that the male penis and the female clitoris have a very similar structure (see diagram on Figure 7), and, accordingly, a similar number of nerve endings. The only thing left was to take a closer look at the technology of wave pulsations (yes, the same Womanizer that every woman knows about today), and adapt it for men by developing a new technology of pulsating air waves. This is how the Arcwave Ion male masturbator came about. Let's take a closer look at this new product.

Design: solidity, luxury, and premium rate are the first thoughts that pop into your head when you look at the packaging. Excellent printing, detailed characteristics, a very beautiful picture, a cardboard protective case and a sturdy box, which, after breaking the protective seals (you must be sure that it is only yours!), opens in front of you like a box in which all the components of your new orgasm. It is really beautiful, and if we consider it as an interesting New Year's gift for a man – oh yes! I, for example, would be very pleased.

Inside we find:
– the masturbator itself;
– a docking station for charging, drying and storing;
– a docking station cover to protect your toy from dust and prying eyes;
– a micro-USB cable for charging the gadget;
– a bag of silica gel, which you will need to ins ert in to a special place on the docking station;
– 10 ml tube of Pjur water-based lubricant (which is very nice in itself);
– a paper manual in a separate cardboard envelope.

The base for the masturbator looks solid, there is no feeling of cheap plastic, the color is dark gray anthracite, there are two locking latches on the sides and a laconic logo in the center, inside there are spring power contacts that carefully surround the silicone seals. It seemed to me (and the manufacturer himself states the IPX7 waterproof standard), the electronics of the base will not suffer, even if you put wet or not too thoroughly dried the gadget there after using it. For the same purpose, a package of silica gel is provided, which is designed to absorb excess moisture. It is replaceable.

The masturbator itself consists of two halves. The first half is an end-to-end tunnel made of CleanTech's medical grade silicone. According to the manufacturer's assurances, this material is distinguished not only by its smoothness and safety, but also by the maximum convenience of cleaning after use. Tested: really easy to clean and very pleasant to the touch. The issue of the difference in the size of male penises was solved in a very original way – in the center of the tunnel along the entire length there is an insert made of even more elastic silicone, which allows it to adapt to any size without changing the planned pressure. (Minus: personally, it seemed to me that the welding of two silicones is not very reliable. At least, after only a few uses of it, I saw a small, only 2-3mm tear in this place). The inlet diameter of the masturbator is 3.3 cm, and thanks to its open design, it will fit any penis length.

The other half is a plastic case with three sealed control buttons: plus, minus and silent mode. In the center of the surfaces to be joined there is the main highlight of the structure - an air stimulator. This is a sealed, large membrane with a diameter of 20 mm, which implements the very 8 Pleasure Air modes. Arcwave Ion is also equipped with the Smart Silence function, which consists of a special sensor system that allows the device to silently and quickly turn on when in direct contact with the body, and turn off instantly as soon as the contact disappears. Feelings: very unusual and really comfortable. You can stand still in one position, you can move a little and thereby reduce the intensity of passions, or you can choose the required degree of influence and move smoothly, feeling these air vibrations along the entire length.

Let's look at the description: “The Arcwave Ion masturbator acts on the penis through a special technology of pulsating air currents, which will give you an unforgettable sensation and incredible pleasure”. The exposure to air mainly affects the most sensitive receptors, while the masturbator offers 8 options for the intensity of work. Yes, it really works! The most appropriate epithet is unusual! Strange, interesting, exciting, and precisely – unusual.

Verdict: I liked it and I will continue using it. You must agree that today the market for men toys is not so diverse compared to the amount of them offered for women and I am glad that new items appear in this area, offering such new (yes, and unusual) types of pleasure. But I have yet to find out how similar my new orgasms are to female ones. By the way, imagine how intimate and interesting your conversation with your beloved woman will become when you decide to compare your feelings from the two orgasms you just got to her? You will need a lot of bright, beautiful and soulful words to formulate and describe what is happening. Try it! And compare!

With love. Your Forest Cat.

The masturbator was provided for the test drive by the wholesale company KAZANOVA 69.