Introducing the Wet brand

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Silicone and hybrid lubricants: how to use them, how does it feel? Our correspondent answers these questions.


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I didn't even know that there was such a brand of lubricants as Wet until two tubes accidentally fell into my hands: a hybrid Wet Elite and a silicone Wet Platinum. I can tell right away that now I have definitely become a fan of this brand.

Both lubricants were found to be equally good for masturbation, manual fondling of “penis owners” (someone recently liked the use of the word) or anal sex. I must say right away that both lubricants are not suitable for use with toys unless, of course, you put a condom on the toy, but, alas, this cannot be done with everyone.

Advantages: complete absence of any smell, compatibility with all types of condoms, easy to rinse off with no stains, and most importantly - perfect sliding. Really, it slides perfectly. Of course, Wet Platinum has a much better and longer glide, because the base of the lubricant is silicone, but Wet Elite will have to be added in the process. At the same time, the consumption of both lubricants turned out to be about the same: silicone is more liquid, and when it immediately heats up, it spreads even more against the hot body, and the hybrid is gradually absorbed, so you add it in the process.

Both lubricants leave a very comfortable feel. Previously, I was skeptical and slightly ironic about the stated “hydration and nutrition” in the annotation. However, when the claimed properties of intimate cosmetics actually work, it turns out to be quite noticeable.

On organoleptics.

Wet Elite leaves a greasy cover on the body, especially on the hands, which, however, is easily washed off. It's better not to taste it. Do not try at all, definitely do not try: the taste started slightly sweet, and then disgustingly bitter, and you cannot spit it. Perhaps this is the only disadvantage of Wet Elite.

But Wet Platinum pleased me endlessly: it is tasteless in general. Yes, such things do happen! Therefore, the deep throat technique was tested: first the lubricant, then any edible oil for oral sex and... in and out. Well, it does not leave any oil stains on the body thanks to which this lubricant can be wonderfully used in the process of water games.

As a result, Wet actually proved its high-quality, and now I don’t want to part with it. Now I have Platinum carefully stored only for deep oral sex, and Wet Elite is used in all other aspects.