Iker by Svakom Pulsating Prostate Massager

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“We-Vibe Vector, move over! – this is exactly the thought that popped into my head after the test of my new favorite toy” House.

Text and photos: House

Russian version

More recently, I saw on the site sexshopers.ru information about a new product fr om Svakom – a prostate stimulator, the pulsation of which has been improved for several months. And just then we decided with my partner to make each other gifts, and in the new products section of the sex shop, the very Iker by Svakom appeared. Well, I chose it. And made the right decision.

Have you seen the film “Obsession” about a virtuoso drummer? So, one gets the impression that the mentor of the protagonist personally dealt with the pulsation in Iker!

I have not experienced this before (I wonder how many more new toys will come out, about which I will say this). Especially at maximum speed, I want to say: “Wow, wow, take it easy”. One gets the impression that someone inside you is very nervous and quickly, quickly taps your fingers on your prostate. At the same time, vibration in the area of the perineum also does not let one forget about itself, rolling in more and more waves.

What do we get for a very pleasant price of about 7,500 rubles?

An ergonomic waterproof toy with a very powerful vibration and delightful pulsation that can be washed, with which you can swim, with which you can even walk, remotely controlled from a mobile application.

Oh yes, a sore subject! Remote control toys are my love. And here it is, and it's just amazing!

Unlike the buttons on the device itself, which will give you 5 vibration speeds and 5 pulsation modes, the app has:
– 11 preset vibration modes and 5 pulsation modes;
– touch mode, wh ere you can independently “draw” a vibration pattern;
– “musical” mode (which I do not recommend at all, because in it you cannot adjust the intensity depending on the sound);
– “sound” mode (which I just recommend if you would like to listen to music together with a toy in yourself, as well as when going, for example, to a disco – set the sound sensitivity to a third of the maximum, turn on SOAD-Toxicity and enjoy!) ;
– remote mode (if you want to play games with a partner to whom you do not want to give your phone, but only control the toy, which is also perfect if your partner is, say, on the other side of the world).

Let's talk about the disadvantages of the device. Unfortunately, they are also present here.

Iker is quite noisy - the more powerful the mode, the more difficult it will be to hide its presence inside. If you've heard the news somewhere about the noiselessness of the toy, I hasten to upset.

“Flashlight”, let's call it that. Only tight black jeans will hide the Svakom logo if you suddenly decide to walk with a toy down the street. Especially in the dark. Therefore – black duct tape is our best friend!

Iker may not be suitable for beginners, because the maximum diameter of the introduced part (namely, from the maximum diameter it starts) is more than 3.5 cm.

The packaging is in the best traditions of the brand – a strong box-case (which I recommend leaving for something else, for example, for storing condoms or other trifles in it). Inside the box is the toy itself, a magnetic USB charger, a manual and the bag for storing toys.

To summarize: if you have a prostate, you NEED this one!