Electrostimulators Impulse, Electroshock and MyStim

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Now the market is actively saturated with electrostimulators of various brands. How to choose, and what the devices of the three popular brands can do, we figured out with our editorial board of sexshopers.ru.


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My acquaintance with electrostimulators began a long time ago with a set of the Rimba brand. I will not hide the fact that there was more fear than curiosity. Even now, when I have tried many different devices, acquaintance with each of them excites like the first time.

In this article we will focus on three electrostimulators, two of which are equipped with the function of training the pelvic muscles. All of them, in addition to electrical stimulation, also vibrate. Both functions can be enabled together or separately.

Impulse Electrostimulator-Vibrator (Remote Controlled Kegel Trainer) from Calexotics

An unconditional and important advantage of this stimulator is the presence of a remote control. But it also almost canceled the test drive altogether.

Imagine that in one hand you have a beautiful vibrating egg with a tail and in another- a remote control with three buttons. It seems that nothing can be easier. Turn on the egg with the button on the tail, press the power button on the remote and enjoy. It was not so, the procedure, which seemed obvious, did not want to work. I reminded myself of the heroine of the Krylov’s fable “A Monkey and Glasses”, no matter how I twisted, no matter how I pressed, the toy did not want to work.

The problem dissolved surprisingly easy. Turn on the button on the tail of the egg. The kit is ready to go. Vibration or electrical stimulation is turned on by long pressing the corresponding button on the remote control. Short presses on the same button increase the tempo of the action. The third button allows you to simply turn everything off.

An important point when playing with electricity is that when it is on, the toy should not be put in or out. This will deliver unpleasant sensations, since the contact area decreases, and it receives the entire impact. This is why the remote is so convenient. I brought the toy inside. And only then I turned it on. It turned off and only then took it out.

The toy was declared by the manufacturer as a Kegel’s trainer. And yes, it works. After the first use, I had a feeling of some kind of emptiness inside, the muscles tensed so noticeably, no matter how strange it may sound.

How does the electricity feel? Nothing like an electric shock, of course. It's just that your muscles begin to contract and unclench, all at once, or one after the other, waves, jerks... At the same time, it seems that it is not your body that behaves this way, but, on the contrary, the toy in you moves, then swells, then attracts to itself like a magnet.

I will say right away that for me personally, electrical stimulation in this simulator seems very powerful, right from the first second. The moment of switching on is perceived almost as a blow, just everything inside clenched sharply into a fist. And then a crazy dance begins. It is with this device that I experience some pain when electro-stimulated.

It is easier to perceive the beginning of stimulation against the background of vibration. That is, the first to start is vibration and only then comes electro. Also, personally, it helps me to attach a sucker to the clitoris to distract me. But this, predictably, is fraught with a quick finale in the form of an orgasm.

So, I will say that this device should not be used by those with high sensitivity. For the rest it's fine. The pros, cons and main characteristics are in the comparative table at the end of the article.

A vibrating rabbit with electrostimulation – Rabbit Vibrator Shots Electroshock from Shots Media BV

Like the previous trainer, the Shots’s rabbit is completely waterproof but remember that only vibration can be used in water. It is strictly forbidden to use electrostimulation functions in water.

My acquaintance with this device was much easier, since its control is elementary – two buttons, one of which is responsible for vibration and the other for electrical stimulation. Electro works only if both the vaginal and clitoral processes touch the body. I note that in comparison with Impulse from CalExotics the stimulating effect is much softer. The minimum impact from which stimulation always begins is very light, almost imperceptible. This means that the toy is quite suitable for those who do not yet know their reactions and sensitivity in this area. This difference in the strength of stimulation is understandable, because in Impulse the contact plates are flaunting on the outside of the toy, while in Shots they are hidden under a layer of silicone.

As for the vibration, Rabbit has a very funny one. Its motors, declared by the manufacturer as quiet, in reality emit rather loud sounds that make me giggle. Perhaps this is a drawback of the particular device.

The toy is positioned, among other things, as a Kegel trainer, but I did not feel the effect.

Daring Danny Black Edition Black Vibrating Massager with Electrostimulation – 27 cm by MyStim

On this handsome from MyStim I would like to dwell in more detail because at the moment this is one of my favorite toys, and not only among electrostimulators. I declare with full responsibility, such a gentle lover is hard to find! It has ten (10!) Levels of electrical stimulation intensity and it starts with a very light impact, and grows to a very powerful one. The vibration in it also changes in a wide range, and the patterns are not similar to the usual modes in other vibrators. Although he also has disadvantages.

MyStim, in my opinion, is generally distinguished by its careful approach to the development of its products. A lot of attention is paid to safety and clarification of all the nuances of electrical stimulation in a rather voluminous manual. Despite this, Danny and I did not immediately become friends, and the reason is (as ridiculous as it can be) the very tenderness of the initial impact.

Chronologically, of these three stimulants, it was my first. And I didn't really understand what to expect from it. And electricity is always scary until you taste it. And now you have read the instructions, inserted a toy into yourself and are going to press the very button that will start electrostimulation. And you worry. What if it hurts right away?

Let’s say a few words. The control buttons are logically located at the base of the toy. There are six of them: three for vibration and three for electro. Of the three – one turns on the action and changes programs (patterns), and two more - increase and decrease the strength of the impact. It is very convenient and clear while holding the stimulator in your hands. And the light indication is convenient and clear. But when the toy is put in its rightful place... The buttons are rather tight, plus lubrication on the fingers, it becomes very inconvenient to operate, even despite the quite distinct bumps separating the zones. And to see if the stimulation (light indication) has turned on is also very inconvenient. This is the only disadvantage of this stimulant. It desperately lacks remote control! However, in my subsequent developments, as far as I am aware, MyStim introduced this remote control. Let's go back to the sensations.

You lie down and press the buttons. And don't you understand whether it will work. Indeed, unlike vibration, electro is also soundless! It's scary to add power again. But somehow you manage to cope with your fear, your curiosity overpowers, the “plus” button is pressed several times, and it dawns on you that the first distinct sensations caught up with you only at the fourth or fifth level. This is what I call tenderness!

It should be noted that the strength of sensations depends not only on the chosen intensity level. Different programs feel different at the same level. Much also depends on how well the stimulant is administered. You should not lim it yourself to the tip, the impact will be much tougher.

I would also like to note the function of the Kegel simulator. In this device it works for a charm! Quite pleasant sensations during training and quite distinct effect with regular exercises. Though to get to the training itself you need to click through all five game modes, and this is very tempting to stop at one of them and just enjoy.

Let me remind you that everything above and below is only a subjective opinion based on personal feelings.

  Impulse (CalExotics) Rabbit (Shots) Danny (MyStim)
Vibro-egg Rabbit Classic with a small process
Vibration Strong, rather quiet Medium strength, loud Strong, quiet
Electrostimulation No weak intensity, no game programs

Low to medium

Very weak to very strong
Kegel Trainer Effective No effect Effective, pleasant stimulation  

Rechargeable, waterproof

Yes Yes Yes

High level of initial impact


Inconvenient control


Remote control, good training effect

Low impact

Large intensity range, good training effect, non-standard vibration patterns

The editors would like to thank the C-Market company for the copies of Impulse and Rabbit stimulants, as well as personally Christoph Hoffman (MyStim) for the Danny copy.

P.S.: Why on the last picture flaunts Melt from We-Vibe, you ask. And I will answer – then, that it is he who helps me to spend even more pleasant time in the company of electrostimulators, but this is a completely different story.