Compact and delicate Titan Wand

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The editorial staff of checked the quality and orgasmicity of the vibrating massager from Viotec.


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Russian version

I have wanted wands for a long time, but just as a massager. Yes, initially the same Hitachi Magic Wand entered the market as a vibrating massager for the neck, but something went wrong, and the vibrator, similar in shape to a microphone, became an active hero of films for adults and themed games. By the way, the shibari practice even has a technique of attaching a wand to the partner's leg.

So, my Titan Wand is fr om Viotec.


The toy came in a box with a super cover (well, remember, some books have additional, more colorful cover). On the obverse side there is the wand life-size and in the selected color – it is very convenient, so without unpacking the box, you can figure out where it will be stored, or if it is mobile enough and it is possible to be taken along on trips. On the side there is a sticker fr om the Viotec supplier in Russia, the Astkol-Alpha company, wh ere, as expected, all contacts are indicated, it is stated that the product is not subject to mandatory certification, and, most importantly, it is indicated that this is an “intimate vibration massager”. Heck! That is, they will not be massaging necks anymore?

On the reverse side, in English, all the parameters and advantages of the device are briefly indicated, and there is a QR code that you are prompted to scan in order to get more information about this product. A scan of the result from going through the code you will find at the end of the carousel: some kind of cosmic panorama with Chinese characters and nothing else. Ok, you have to learn more about the Titan Wand in practice.

Under the super-cover there is a nice laconic box styled like leather. If, for example, you present someone a device in such a box, then no one will understand what there is, since apart from the logo there are no more designations on the box. I love this very much.

And the first fail (we don't count the QR code – these are trifles): the box is not thought out to be opened comfortably. Since the lid fits snugly, and hides everything underneath. There are no notches for the fingers, no ribbon to pull on, nothing. I had to shake the box well to remove the lid. But under it is a very nice tracing paper insert, such details always exceed expectations, and delight, especially with girls!

But under the pleasant ins ert a very unpleasant smell was waiting for me. No, it doesn't smell of wands, although it also has its smell, but of the plastic base in which it is packaged. After two months the nasty chemical smell did not vanish.

The second fail: how to get the wand out? Manufacturers did not think about it as well. In the plastic base (why such a piece is made of plastic at all?!) there is no recess for the fingers. As a result, we managed to shake out the toy along with the base, and then take it out of this stinking plastic. And under the base there is again something pleasant: a manual, packed in a kind of super-cover, a charging wire and a nice bag with a thick cord that does not close very tight. But it is very neutral, without designations - the very thing to hide the device.

The manual

The manual says that the company has applied the concept of cross-border design and has altered the concept of toys for adults. According to statements of Viotec, their toys are works of art for the body and soul, and combine ergonomics, user experience, and scientific and technical elements. Although it all seems a little pretentious, they almost succeeded with this wand.

The manual speaks to the user in 9 languages, including Russian (not without errors, alas). But nothing something special about the use is said there. Very concise instructions, almost no pictures.

For those who will read the instructions, I will immediately explain that the word “strength” – it means the speed of vibration.

Surprisingly, the instructions state that the wand has 7 + 1 vibration modes. That's right, not 8, but 7 + 1. We are talking about the so-called “climax mode”, how to get to it and find out how it differs from other modes – it was a fascinating task.

The Titan wand

This device is wireless and not very large compared to its pals (Hitachi or We-Vibe). And outwardly, it is very similar to a stylish microphone! My Titan has even starred in one video as a microphone: in my opinion, no one noticed that it was a toy for adults.

Length – 21 cm (more precisely, even 207.6 mm as the manual says).
Head: 5 cm in diameter and 5 cm in height. Flexible and very soft, just that is called soft touch.
Weight – 293 g (the instructions indicate 300 g).
The type of moisture protection – IPX6 – can be washed, but you cannot immerse it under water, because the toy has a plug-in rather than magnetic charging.
Full charge time is 4 hours, but the time of continuous use is already 10 hours! Alas, I did not try to check it, so I cannot say how much it corresponds to the truth.
7 vibration modes and 5 speeds each.

The wand's handle is made of ABS-plastic, stylized as leather, and the transition to the head is finished with a metal ring similar to copper. The head is made of pleasant, smooth and soft silicone, to which nothing sticks! The handle has a narrow panel for swipe control. Just a panel, not a mini-screen like in Miracle Chance. In general, the use of swipe- control in sex toys is just about the user’s experience and scientific and technical research from Viotec.


Pressing the power button for five seconds puts the Titan Wand in to standby mode. Pressing this button once sets the wand to the first mode – continuous vibration. Also, pressing once will reset vibration to minimum speed. Switching between patterns - double-clicking the power button. Vibration switching is circular. Pressing the power button also disables the “magic wand”; when turned on, it starts again from the first mode, that is, there is no memory of the selected settings, which is a pity.

Increasing or decreasing the vibration level is achieved by lightly swiping across the panel. Swipe lightly, I repeat. The blinking of the power button confirms that the swipe was successful. Holding the toy in my hands, I didn't really feel the difference in speed, but when I just put it on my hips... That gear shifting felt great!

Pressing the top button on the panel puts the wands in a mode of strong continuous vibration, namely pressing the button. This, in fact, is the very +1 mode – “climax mode”. This mode copes with the task perfectly, if the hand did not become numb from the earlier vibrations. Release the button - the wand returns to the same vibration with which they switched to the “climax mode”.

In action

In general, for about a month I used it as a vibrating massager for the neck, without even switching modes. But I couldn't enjoy the massage for a long time: Titan Wand vibrates all over! And very strongly! So, my hands start to go numb. Probably, if the vibrations were more concentrated on the head and not so much in the handle of the wand, everything would be better. And yes, its compact size: the short and straight handle (when compared with the same wand from We-Vibe) makes it not a very good vibrating massager for the back, as well as for stimulating the clitoris, but again its mobility is a plus. In general, with a straight handle it was not very convenient to massage the neck, to stimulate the clitoris.

An amazing fact: although my hands were numb from vibration, nevertheless, I did not have enough power in any mode to get an orgasm from stimulation through clothes. (Although, I know girls who are great at it and the Titan Wand is now their favorite device!)

Orgasm. You can use the wand to stimulate the clitoris and to squirt.

Since my hands began to get tired, because the wand has delicate vibrations, and it takes more time to reach orgasm, I had to look for a way to use it. I tried to pinch the toy with my hips, but over time they also got tired of vibration. In the end, I found a solution: do it under the covers! (I never thought I would get to this). Wand is installed perpendicularly, yes, yes, and covered with a blanket, thanks to the support in which it holds perfectly and stimulates only the selected area. This is wh ere the thrill overtook without distraction to other vibrating parts of the body. And you can easily increase the vibration level by touching the sensor – it turns out to be very convenient!

The compact size of the wand’s head, its softness and flexibility – the head tilts to any side around the entire circumference – allows it to be used for internal stimulation, that is, for squirt practices, using a standard condom, for that matter. The softness and size of the head does not cause discomfort, and if, again, the hand does not become numb from vibration, then you can get to squirting.

By the way, the sensor responds well even if you have all your hands in a lubricant! But with the handle everything is much worse: made of ABS plastic, it desperately slides so the Titan Wand can simply slip out of your hands! Also, at this moment, due to the sliding of the hand covered by the lubricant (it can happen, you know) the sensor will react to every movement, as a result there will be a constant switching of vibration speeds, although it all depends on the mood and state – and in here you can catch your satisfaction.

We thank the wholesale company Astkol-Alpha for the goods provided for the test.