A penis for an hour

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A strapless Strap-On-Me passed the endurance test in the hands of the sexshopers.ru editorial board.


© Ekaterina Nikolaeva

Russian version

Strapless strapons have appeared on the market recently (when compared to belt straps) but many brands already have similar models. We tested the simplest model fr om the French brand Strap-On-Me. According to the manufacturer, for seven years they have been collecting data fr om gynecological studies in order to develop an anatomical shape of strapons that will suit women with any structural features of the vagina. Spoiler alert: They’ve almost succeeded.

What is in the box?

The strapon is hidden in a simple box with a picture of the device in 1: 1 scale. All text on the box is in French and English. We have information about the sizes of strapons (S, M, L, XL) – they all differ in thickness. By the way we examined the smallest of them. All the advantages of the device are described: waterproof, ergonomic, designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot, bend with a memory effect. There is also a diagram of how you can bend the strapon. But most of all I was impressed by the information about the brand's concept: “would you like to try changing roles for one night or more…” – it's nice when a thing has an idea that is being talked about. By the way, there is also a sticker on the package that this toy is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award (an award given by the German Design Center of North Rhine-Westphalia). That is, cool and professional designers have appreciated this strap-on! Just think: the designers appreciated the concept and its implementation! They appreciated it only visually, this is what the jury concluded: “The strapon sex toy is striking due to its organic shape and ergonomics...”. We cannot judge from one side only though. (Also, the brand is the owner of the Most Innovative Product Line by EAN EROTIX AWARDS 2019 – Ed.).

Inside the box there is a bulky plastic insert, wh ere the strapon lies. The ins ert is made of flimsy plastic, but with indentations for the fingers so that you can easily get the toy out. Under the ins ert there is a manual and a bag for storing the toy (I always thank the manufacturers for such bags). The bag is very convenient: it tightens quickly, easily and tightly – this is valuable, because, for example, I have toys in my collection whose bags are made of dense velvet that does not tighten closely enough, and the toy may eventually fall out.

The manual speaks to the user in 11 languages, including Russian, there is also a pictorial manual. Everything is simple and straightforward. Although, I was confused by two facts: the emphasis on using the toy anally (but what about F+F couples?) And the proposal to boil the toy. Why bother with that when there are lots of good modern cleaners?

Exploring the strapon

The black device is made of medical grade silicone, odorless, good quality, but not soft-touch. The toy is completely seamless which ensures comfort and safety for both partners. The body of the device is one-piece, meaning, the strapon is completely waterproof.

Nothing sticks to the coating, but it is quite easily electrified and then begins to collect dust and everything. I also got the impression that the coating is a little porous, since while the strapon dries after washing, it becomes covered with stains. In the end, I tried to wash it again to clean it, and then wash it again, and again - it did not help. I stopped and forgot about it and after a couple of hours all the stains disappeared, so I conclude that the moisture simply evaporated from the pores of the silicone.

The length of the inserted part is 15.5 cm, the diameter is 2.5 cm. The length of the vaginal part, made in the form of an egg, is 7 cm, the diameter is 4 cm. The total weight is 288 gr. Let me remind you that this is the smallest strapon in the Strap-On-Me line.

Between the “egg” and the inserted part there is a flexible connection with a memory effect (this construction is inside and gives the main weight to the strapon), 5 cm long and 2 cm wide. The retention occurs both due to the size and design of the inserted part and due to a very noticeable narrowing at the exit.

Opposite the vaginal part - at the base of the inserted dildo – there is a small bulge intended by the manufacturer for additional stimulation of the clitoris. But this is a bit of a controversial thing, since its location may not suit all girls. Although, this bulge is practically not felt.

The main feature of this strapon is the ability to adjust it thanks to the bendable connection. The connection, by the way, is very strong, and as you se t the corner, it stays so all the time. The strapon can also be rotated around the joint at an angle slightly less than 180 ° and the vaginal part at an angle slightly less than 360 °. But this option has “no memory effect” – so gradually both parts are turned back. Although I don't know if such a function is needed when using it, I just discovered it while I was twirling the toy in my hands in every possible way. The egg itself can also be bent in both directions: as a result, the inserted part relative to the egg will be either head up, or head down.

How to use it?

Let's start with why use a strap at all?

First, this is a great device for a F+F couple, when you can take another sexual role, feel more like a “penis owner” than when using a double-sided dildo.

Second, it's a fun way for a traditional couple to diversify the sexual experience. By the way, based on the concept and instructions for the toy, I got the impression that only this option was considered in Strap-On-Me: there is not a word (or picture) about same-sex couples anywhere. What a shame.

A strapon allows a woman to enjoy the dominant position to the maximum and as a result to get new impressions. But no matter in which couple (or maybe in a group) you use this toy in composition, do not forget about the principles of mutual agreement and the presence of a sufficient amount of lubrication.

I, like my partner, at first thought that the device would have to be held with my internal muscles. But no, the strap is well designed, so it holds both by the shape of the egg and by the bend. With it inside you can easily walk and even jump. The design does not lim it the choice of positions at all: even standing, even sitting, even lying!

You can use the vaginal part with the addition of lubricant or without it – if your own lubricant is sufficient. My personal experience is without any additional lubricant because the more you get excited in the process and the more your own lubricant is released, the more chances you have to “lose” the strapon. In general, it does not fall out in any position and intensity but it can fall out because of the abundance of lubrication. As usual, this happens at the most awkward moment... The manufacturer claims that the design allows you to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris – and it's true, I managed to achieve this in the “girl above” position.

But the inserted part seemed to me harsh and too monotonous in thickness and relief – I don't like that. But it is interesting though.

The greatest advantage of the strapless strapon is the ability to feel full contact with the partner's body: there are no obstacles in the form of rubbing belts or pressing panties. This is really cool and interesting! Yes, there is a chance that the strap-on will not hold and will fall out, but it's still worth a try!

Well, in general it is interesting to feel a different sex role, you can pour lubricant in to your hand and imagine that you are masturbating and caressing your temporary penis... And it was also a discovery for me that a protruding penis can “stumble” and is very uncomfortable. And only thanks to the strap-on I wanted to say sorry to all my exes. Girls, do you know this moment when you are lying all ready, and he takes aim and does not immediately hit? And you think like: “Well, what the problem can be there?!” So, it turns out that sometimes it doesn't work out right away, I can't explain why, but the fact remains: it's not always easy to coordinate your actions – keep in mind, so sometimes my partner guided the strapon himself (familiar, right?).


In general, the device is, of course, interesting. At first I was upset that it does not have vibration, but then I thought that this way I have more chances to feel like a “penis-owner” and the battery with a motor would have increased the weight of the toy, and for a strapless strapon it might not be for the better... Should you try and experiment? Definitely yes! In addition, such a strapon design allows you to remove it with just one movement and switch to any other type of stimulation, which cannot be done so quickly with belts or panties. This, of course, is a huge plus for those who like to experiment to the maximum.

The Strap-On-Me strapless strapon was provided for a test drive by “Supplier of Happiness” the Vending Wholesale and Retail Company.