Ёska lubricant – Summer night

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“Belarusian potatoes, milk, textiles... And Ёska lubricant, now a whole line,” – Hanna Play.


Text and photos: Hanna Play

Russian version

I remember the time when Ёska was just entering the Russian market. Clean and very innocent design, more than affordable price and clear positioning – organic composition, vegan formula and maximum environmental friendliness in everything.

I never cease to rejoice that all this has remained unchanged.

Today we will talk about the novelty of last year – an edible water-based lubricant with a delicate lemon balm scent and the beautiful name “Summer Night”.


1. Available in two volumes – 75 ml in a tube and 200 ml in a bottle with a dispenser (I vote for the second option for the bedside table). (Editor's note: there is also a 7 ml probe.)
2. Laconic design, without a bit of vulgarity.
3. 100% safe formula, suitable even for pregnant and lactating women.
4. Organic composition with cornflower, lemon balm and thyme extracts – moisturizes, soothes mucous membranes, relieves dryness and irritation, has anti-inflammatory effect.
5. The subtle lemon scent does not irritate, distract and practically does not interrupt the natural body odor.
6. The lubricant is edible and slightly sweet due to the stevia in the composition (it reminds me of tea with a spoonful of honey).
7. Vegan formula.
8. Transparent (most organic lubricants have a yellowish or brown tint).
9. Universal – suitable for caring for intimate areas, masturbation and any kind of sex, is friendly with all kinds of toys and condoms.
10. Natural sensations during vaginal sex.
11. Long-lasting glide without stickiness, even after drying on the skin. I don't want to run into the shower and rinse off urgently (do not compare with silicone or oil).
12. Easily washed off with water.
13. Does not leave marks on linen and clothes.
14. Adequate price (530-650 rubles)

Personally, I use this brand all the time – with cups (for comfortable insertion), with a pelvic floor trainer and as a care product (for yoni massage).