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Blogger O-la-la told about the taste, color, texture and sensations about the use of Allover Delicious lubricant.


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Universal gel lubricant Allover Delicious by YESforLOV with pineapple and green tea flavor – is a superfetishing attribute of love. It’s worth starting with the fact that it is suitable for almost everything in your bedroom: a relaxing massage that smoothly flows into erotic oral caresses and a stormy continuation – imagine, this is all one gel!

As a massage gel, Allover Delicious is very light, but at the same time glides as comfortably as possible, and the skin after it is incredibly velvety. The gel is absorbed quickly enough, but leaves no greasy residue at all. It does not slide down, but evenly distributes across the skin.

Smell. This is just fantastic! Pineapple and green tea so successfully interact with each other, forming not sugary, but very spicy aroma. No wonder the manufacturer comes from France.

Taste. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the universal remedy is not sour at all, like many others, moreover, it tastes good, although I did not feel a pronounced pineapple taste. You can safely combine lingam or yoni massage with oral games. Ideal to get maximum pleasure.

Water-based grease is light and velvety, compatible with latex and any toys, what you need for experiments. You can fine-tune to the game.

Convenient dispenser does not distract, it does not need to be shaken and squeezed. Just a couple of taps and the path to pleasure has begun.

Color. Here I myself was surprised when I for the first time applied Allover Delicious to my favorite pink «rabbit» and saw the color of the gel: slightly milky it flowed smoothly over the toy. New fetish? Perhaps yes. If you like imitation of sperm, then you will definitely appreciate this lubricant.

There are two flavors in the Delicious line: pineapple\green tea and peach\apricot.

Gel lubricant Allover Delicious by YESforLOV is a versatile fighter in every sense. It is suitable for those who do not like a bunch of different jars. “I want everything in one” – then definitely Allover Delicious. I am pleasantly surprised, because I’m much more used to dividing things into categories. And here it comes – ALL IN ONE!

Have a nice evening and passionate nights with YESforLOV.