Womanizer Duo: test drive from Alina Shikut’

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Tests from Alina is a kind of a quality mark, because she is always trying to not only talk about their personal feelings, but also to give objective information about a toy.


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So far, this is the best toy I have tried this year. Yes, it's me again. I continue to actively test sex gadgets, and this is our today’s agenda.

Contactless stimulation is already a fairly understandable and well-known phenomenon. It was invented by Womanizer, but many brands already have toys that work on the same principle. During the game with the "vacuums" I often lacked simultaneous internal stimulation. I had to juggle several devices at once.

Last year the Satisfyer G-spot rabbit appeared on the market, followed almost immediately by the Womanizer Inside Out. To make a vibrator-rabbit with non-contact stimulation of the clitoris is, in my opinion, a brilliant solution. It also freed my other hand.

The first one immediately became my favorite rabbit. There were many questions to the second though because of rather weak vibration in the vaginal petal.

Not so long ago, Womanizer and We-vibe teamed up, improved the mistakes, and released their first joint product - Duo. The clitoral part acquired the Smart Silence mode. The vaginal part received a form of We-Vibe Nova with a Tango vibrobullet inside.

It turned out a toy to sell a soul for! Duo is incredibly adaptive. The flexible submersible part makes the device fit anatomy. In addition, it comes with a replaceable nozzle for the clitoral part with a large diameter. I recommend trying both options, even if you enjoyed the default one - to compare and understand which nozzle is more convenient.

It is sold in a beautiful box that matches the color of the toy, there are only two of them - red and black. Two hygienic stickers are glued on the sides - a guarantee that nobody opened the box. Inside the bag there are manuals, a magnetic USB charger (a guarantee that Duo is completely waterproof), a spare nozzle, a black satin bag decorated with a leather tassel and Duo itself. Packaging is very fashionable and creates a wow-effect.

The device has 6 buttons. At the first glance this is frighteningly much, on the other hand it allows you to fine-tune each of the two motors separately. A separate on/off button is located on the back.

A rhombus with four intensity buttons for the clitoral and vaginal parts. This configuration, by the way, is not very convenient. It’s beautiful, yes, but I don’t want to imagine what a rhombus looks like to figure out which button to press.

A separate button for controlling vibration patterns (with a rhombus texture fr om circles).

Smart Silence mode is turned on by default. Duo will remain silent until the clitoral bell approaches any surface. To disable the mode you need to hold “+” and “-“ which control non-contact stimulation.

What else?

The material is 100% medical silicone. It is easy to clean, pleasant to touch and does not cause allergies.

A 2-year warranty makes us believe that the brand is confident in its product and cares about customers.

You can play with it in the bath or shower. Duo is not afraid of water.

Womanizer Duo was created for women's pleasure and copes with it just fine. But it can easily be integrated into sex with a partner as well.

In addition to situations when a partner controls your toy or just watches how you masturbate, you can try double penetration. Lay the toy on the clitoris and enter it vaginally, while the partner enters anally.

The vaginal part remains quite narrow at the entrance, it will not be crowded, everything will fit. It is most convenient to be used in a doggie position or, to lim it penetration, with a belly sideways or down (it’s good to put a pillow under it). I once felt a cosmic simultaneous orgasm in this position.

Use more grease and take your time!

All in all, this is cool. I won’t lie, I used to be skeptical of Womanizer and didn’t understand why to overpay if the Satisfyer performs the same functions for less money. But the last year, the guys greatly improved the design and functionality of the “Womanizer", which brought them to a completely different level.

In general, let’s break up piggy banks and buy ourselves such a friend.