What do a hammer-drill and a masturbator have in common?

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The authors of the telegram channel “Saliva is not a lubricant” has tested a male masturbator with an unrealistic shape.


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The device was made by Orion (a German company with an assembly line in China), and the thing is called Rebel. The masturbator is made of silicone, has 10 vibration modes. There is plug charging, which means that moisture protection here is against splashes only: do not immerse it into water. By the way, what is funny, in their instructions there is an item “use the device at your own peril and risk”. The toy works for an hour and charges for 2.5 hours. I did not find a warranty card, so we will assume that there is none at all. (Devices for tests sometimes lack certain things- Ed.)

Size: 14.6 cm in length, 7 cm in width, and the diameter of the working part is 3 cm, but since the masturbator is not completely closed, but has something like a pair of wings, the diameter is very variable. There are only two control buttons: one turns the device on with a short press, the second switches modes. Three of them, which is classic, varying by the strength of vibration, the other seven - are different patterns.

Well, now let’s hear a person who has responsibly tested it and compared it with other masturbators that are already available.

Hello there!

Rebel Orion. A strange looking masturbator with a fairly soft coating and a completely incomprehensible shape. Looks futuristic, buzzes, vibrates. Oddly enough, this is where the pros end. Due to its unusual shape, it is not very convenient to use, the coating is rough and looks more like rubber. The working part under which the motor is located is corrugated, but the thickness of the material is not too large and vibrations are transmitted very actively. So actively that it feels more like the plastic shroud of a hammer drill. Surely the problem is also in the vibration motor, which, according to sensations, rotates with a very large amplitude and because of this, the vibration feels annoying and even painful.

The configuration itself is intended to stimulate the shaft rather than the head, which also does not greatly affect the efficiency of the device and the comfort of work.

Even if we close our eyes to a rather cold attitude towards vibrating things, the masturbator is very specific and the experience from its use can be called unpleasant. What a shame, because this thing seemed interesting and promising. Well, yes, the coating collects small particles better than any vacuum cleaner, so if you have a cat at home, then this toy will also become a cat.

Yes, yes, not all reviews are positive. Draw your own conclusions, as always.