#vintovkina_testdrive: We-Vibe Wand – my ideal “wand”

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Arina Vintovkina told about all the advantages of the We-Vibe toy.


© Arina Vintovkina

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I have special attraction to the “wands” (this is the name of the type of toys that resemble a stick with a round head at the end). Despite the old-school appearance if you look closely at what is being produced now, then compactness, grace and minimalism are in trend – they still seem to me somehow... well, very sexy.

I guess it's all about an early imprint: Hitachi Magic Wand – the one that is, in a sense, the main sex toy symbol – has featured in almost every second adult movie I've seen. So, it was literally imprinted on the retina: wands mean sex.

I think everyone already knows about the cult of Hitachi Magic Wand. But in short: the unit was originally created to massage the backs and other neck-collar zones, but quickly migrated to the bedrooms of bored American housewives. It was a monstrous device that weighed like an anchor from the Titanic, worked from the network, rumbled like a train, but gave tremendous vibration. Modern descendants of the “magic wand” look prettier, weigh less and in general are more adapted for sexual needs.

Fate brought me together with We-Vibe Wand. And it's – the spoiler – beautiful, and essentially there are three toys in one. For the miracles of transformation, we would like to thank the two attachments that come with the kit and are put on the round head of the toy. And it is really good as an ordinary massager: back, neck, feet – all are happy!

The We-Vibe Wand will definitely appeal to those who really need power with superficial stimulation. It gives an overwhelmingly strong vibration! At the same time, the round head is mobile and rather massive, so no matter how you apply it, virtually the entire vulva is in the combat zone. It also works through clothes without any problems.

It seemed to me that the more you press the device into the body, the more intensely it begins to vibrate. However, the instructions (it is generally surprisingly scarce in information) do not say a word about this, I have not received any official confirmation from the manufacturer that this is such a tricky technological feature – therefore, I will assume that in fact there is no vibration amplification, but these are just waves diverge along a larger perimeter and penetrate deeper into the tissue. In any case, the entire pelvic area is entwined with pulsating sensations, so that it is not only powerful, but also very deep in effect.

Of the things that analogs cannot boast of

The technology of the Smart Silense (the one that is present in His Majesty Womanizer Premium): as long as you do not attach the toy to the body, it is silent and does not buzz, and turns on only in the moment of contact with the skin. Super handy if you can't stand unnecessary sounds. Although the We-Vibe Wand’s rumble is moderate it is still not silent.

I did not know how to turn off Smart Silense so that the device works with attachments (in this case, the material of the attachment contacts the skin, not the round head - which means that the toy does not want to come to life). Everything turned out to be easier than I thought: you should press and hold the “Pattern mode” button for five seconds (it turns on dancing modes, a wave icon is drawn on it). When the Smart Silense turns back on: the device starts to "feel the skin" from a distance of two millimeters, which gives scope for the lightest stimulation, just barely touching, and through the clothes – from a single millimeter.

Nozzles. There are two of them: a wheel with soft silicone petals and a wheel with two soft horns. And they turn the We-Vibe Wand respectively into two different toys: either into an oral sex simulator like the Sqweel or into a device for men like the Manta.

In the first case, vibrations from the head are transmitted to the nozzle petals, which quite delicately flutter and vibrate. Stimulation, for my taste, turns out far from how I imagine cunnilingus (I can say the same about Sqweel), but it is not useless: it is light and pleasantly teasing. I like to start with it, and only then, when a spectacular final point is required, take off the attachment and take the train “to orgasm without stops”, using the round head. A male partner can receive stimulation with this nozzle in the area of the scrotum, perineum and anus: no intrusions, but only the lightest touch of a dozen soft tongues.

The addressee of the second, “horned” attachment are “penis-owners”. Vibrating antennae, for example, are pleasant to drive along the penis, accompanying yourself during a blowjob, or to hug the head with them, and to stimulate the penis with your tongue or fingers.

Both Sqweel and Manta are toys from a category “for connoiseurs” so there is a chance to save some money and not buy individual devices and try the We-the Vibe Wand with attachments so to decide whether you like it or not.

Joystick instead of buttons – I also dealt with this for the first time. At first, it's unusual but definitely convenient: the controller itself is convex, it is much more difficult to lose it, for example in the dark, than the buttons, which are usually recessed in the case and are not always backlit. There is no extra illumination but everything you need is literally at hand.

We-Connect App: Like all We-Vibe devices, the brand new Wand connects to it and can be controlled via an app that expands the variety of modes (including the option to vibrate to the beat of the music) and allows for games from a distance.


One hundred percent moisture resistance and due to the lack of relief it washes perfectly just under running water. The silicone is really very cool: soft, velvety, on the round head it dents under pressure, which, I suppose, gives even more rolling to vibrations. According to the manufacturer's assurance, both the toy and the attachments can be stored in one place without worrying about the fact that lying side by side all this stuff will stick together or get stained.

Able to work non-stop for 90 minutes. However, during this time, it can deliver orgasms to a small female dormitory: thanks to the sensational power, it is usually not long before the finish line.

10 vibration modes, 24 intensity levels. And remember about the We-Connect app!

Weighs 411 grams. Honestly, I thought it would be more. All the “Wandas” are heavy, but taking into account how “smart” and high tech this fellow is, it could easily weigh more. However, the handle (no, it does NOT need to be used for integration inside: it does not vibrate and there are controllers, buttons and contacts for charging on it) is so ergonomically designed that the hand does not fall off. In terms of noise level, it is not deafening and when with it is a nozzle, it is really quiet (the silicone of the nozzle absorbs some of the vibration and muffles the rumbling).

We-Vibe Wand has a two-year warranty.


An instruction which clarifies nothing. But if you keep this article then you really won't need it.

No storage pouch. I do not want to believe that they saved on cloth. Although the bag would be more like a bag for shoes.

A huge box (you won’t bring it into the house secretly) and the device itself is rather big. You may need to get yourself a separate drawer to store it.