We-Vibe Verge Test Drive

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The authors of the telegram channel “Our temptations” Alexey and Yulia tried an erection ring: they had sex and laughed.


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We decided to try an erection ring with vibration, but not because of problems with erection or with the duration of intercourse, rather, I wanted new sensations. And a little vibration wouldn’t harm as well. The choice fell on the We-Vibe Verge – a tight ring that fixes right at the base of the penis under the testicles. That is, they also need to be dragged through the ring.

The ring has an elongated “tail”. The part to which it is adjacent is stimulated. In total, there are four variants for it:
– stimulation of the prostate;
– stimulation of the partner's anus;
– two options for stimulating the partner's clitoris.

There are ten vibration and pulsation modes that can be controlled using the buttons on the ring or via the We-Connect app on your phone. Here you either have sex without letting the phone out of your hands, or someone else controls the vibration.

The ring is made of the most delicate silicone. Fantastically nice to the touch! Not afraid of water.

Running a little ahead, to be honest – it did not suit us.

The toy is perfect for those with a medium and smaller penis, as well as for those with a penis small in diameter. The inner diameter of the ring is 5.2 cm. Keep in mind that you will need to drag the penis and testicles through there.

The size of my penis leaves almost no chance to put the toy to the base, that is, to pass the testicles through the ring. They do not get through, even if the ring is stretched with effort and generously lubricated. But we didn't give up.

How can you not put it on?! If you cannot put it on an erect penis, put on a flaccid one. It turned out great. But here's the problem, now the ring performs its function in the opposite direction, namely, it does not allow blood flow to the penis. We laughed, sighed and took off the ring.

If you put the ring on the base of the penis up to the testicles, then the toy sits tightly, but does not at all interfere with the outflow of blood from the penis and also does not perform its main function.

I already wanted to give the toy to a friend with a smaller penis for a test, but Julia refused to test it with anyone but me. She said that we are running the Telegram channel together, which means we need to test it together. I agreed.

As a result, through pain and gritted teeth I managed to put on the ring as the manufacturer intended. With an incredible effort I must say. There are suspicions that if the same efforts are made to maintain an erection, then the ring is not needed.

The ring is in place! We switched on the vibration. Feelings are interesting and unusual. Vibration waves massage the organ gently. I was about to close my eyes and begin to enjoy the sensations, but Julia impatiently fiddled with me. I realized that just lying down will not work...

We directed the “tail” to vibrate at the projection of the prostate. Had sex. Distracts me. We turned the tail towards the clitoris. It began to distract Yulia, because she has a very sensitive clitoris. We usually fondle him through the hood. The ring was not aware of this and vibrated right on the clitoris... A very thrill on the verge of pain. Therefore, the ring is not suitable for those with high sensitivity.

Also, in the process, the toy worked as a limiter for the length of the penis, and we, as fans of rough sex, do not need it... As a result, Julia had the feeling that I was slacking. It turns out that the ring is more suitable for those who prefer gentle and sensual sex.

During sex Yulia felt as if I was using a vibrator instead of a penis: the vibration from the ring on the penis was transmitted to her. The sensations were very unusual and vivid.

To summarize, I would say that if it was not for the problem with the size, then the experience with the ring would be quite successful!

In general, the We-Vibe paired toys are very cool! Almost silent, the silicone is most delicate. We will definitely try something else from them!