We-vibe Vector: only for men?

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Sex blogger Alina Shikut tested the toy alone and with a partner. What came out of this – see below.


© Alina Shikut

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Male butts are my favorite topic for several reasons:
– reveals a man fr om a different angle;
– a man who accepts himself and is not afraid to explore his pleasure;
– I like this very active giving position, including the fact that a man in a receiving role is a public taboo, it’s even more fun;
– a kind of filter and test for trust: if he entrusted me with his ass, then nothing unpleasant will happen to mine.

I will not go into details and consider prostate massage from a medical point of view. The most important fact is that most men enjoy anal stimulation and prostate play, and this does not indicate their sexual orientation in any way.

Orgasm from stimulation of the prostate is different from orgasm obtained by stimulation of the penis (editor’s note: we interviewed our male testers, they confirm it). According to the descriptions, it is more voluminous, deeper, spreading throughout the body. Prostate stimulation gives multi-orgasms.

You can stimulate it in different ways. Fingers or a massager work best for this, so I jumped with joy when We-Vibe finally released a prostate toy.

Meet Vector. The name was chosen for a reason. The toy has a flexible neck that can be bent so that the head falls straight into the prostate.

I do not speak of this toy as a purely male one. To be honest, I took Vector to myself and use it as a plug during a sex with a partner. The second branch is quite convenient to use as a handle to move the toy inside during penetration to simulate double penetration (knee-elbow position). However, the short tip can get in the way of the penis.

I took it with me to St. Petersburg, alternately using it both to stimulate the clitoris and the inside.

For prostate massage, Vector was not convenient for everyone. One of my lovers liked it completely. Complaints were only that the outer process does not always lie exactly on the perineum.

The other said that the transition between the neck of the massager and the body is too small – the toy can fall out during active sex, if it is not held.


Since everyone's anatomy is different, it's so nice of the brand's engineers to make sure that the massager adjusts to the parameters of a particular body.

Flexion requires some effort, but it is well fixed in a given position and does not bend back.

The toy has two processes, each with a motor. One lies on the perineum (projection of the prostate), the other stimulates the prostate from the inside. They are managed separately. This allows you to start with vibrations on the perineum, and then connect the internal one.

Easy to enter. A very good shape. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Ditto plug of the same brand.


The vibration is fantastic. Rough, penetrating. I was singing the praises of Vibe motors for a long time!

In Vector there are 10 vibration modes and 10 intensities. The button can change only patterns. It is rather tight, which creates some inconvenience when switching after the toy is already inside.

More subtle settings can be made using the remote control (the remotes have become my favorite things lately) or through the application on the phone. The latter makes it possible to give control to a partner who is far away. Inside the application there is a chat, audio and video communication.


Overall, Vector can be rated 5-. This is one of the simplest and the most successful massagers on the toy market. Suitable not only for beginners. Good for pair use. I highly recommend it!

More pluses:
– 100% silicone;
– waterproof;
– 2 years warranty;
– magnetic charging;
– nice packaging;
– a cool application wh ere you can not only use default patterns, but also write your own.