We-Vibe Nova: a test drive

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Alina Shikut, a sex blogger, tested We-Vibe Nova –a massage vibrator with clitoral stimulation.

This vibrator has already joined my personal top of three favorite rabbits. This top includes Fun Factory Miss Bi and Satisfyer Pro g-spot Rabbit, on merit.

This is a ‘rabbit toy’ due to the independent arm for clitoral stimulation. It allows you to feel it both internally and externally.

How far to the clitoris?

The main problem with dual stimulators is their distance between the vaginal part and the clitoris arm-something that can’t be usually changed.

That’s why when I am asked to suggest a vibrator, I start with a question: “How far to the clitoris?”

>>˃Scroll down the slider, picture №2!

At the moment of selecting a toy of this sort, it is important that the distance between the vagina’s entrance (its upper point) and the clitoris (its center) should correspond to the length of the clitoris arm (or should I say, to the distance between the vibrator’s main body and the active part of the clitoris arm, in some cases).

With inappropriate models, the external arm can fail to reach the clitoris. It means that the toy does not match your anatomy, so it will hardly bring you any benefit.

We should understand that there is no such concept as the correct or the incorrect distance, just like there is no one-size-fits-all toy that could suit everyone. We differ in anatomical details, preferences as for the way, the mode and the intensity of stimulation. Some toys suit one person and do not suit others.

We-Vibe Nova

Ok, what could We-Vibe have done to make me include their product into my personal top?

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If I say they’ve made a masterpiece of ergonomics, it won’t be an exaggeration. It looks as if the rabbit had a smart prosthesis to replace the broken backbone, the fact that has turned a rabbit into a super rabbit.

The engineers working for We-Vibe designed a specific arm to suit most women regardless of the distance they have between the clitoris and the vagina’s entrance.

But before we high five, I’ll say there is something else. Another problem a rabbit’s owner can have is that it can’t stimulate the clitoris the way the owner likes and use frictions at once. Usually, the to and fro motion while penetration makes the clitoris arm change its position as well, it slips off the target (on the right/left-hand or upper/lower-side of the clitoris, as preferred).

The clitoris arm of We-Vibe Nova is flexible and it is designed to be pressed right to the clitoris (or another place) regardless of the main part’s penetration depth.

Besides, Nova has got excellent architecture. It looks harmonious but it also has everything I appreciate: its shape corresponds to its role. The vibrator is elegant and sleek.

The G-spot curve deserves particular attention. The bulge on the vaginal part’s top is designed for stimulation of both the front part of the vagina and the G-spot.

I was pleased with the fact that the arm gets narrower at the top to ease penetration.

The vibrator has got a rather thin trunk. No burst at the entrance, instead, there is enough space to select directions and offers more precise stimulation.

>>˃Scroll down the slider, picture №4!

The vibrator is made of 100% pure medical silicone. It is easy to wash, safe and does not cause allergy. I really like the silicone by We-Vibe, it is nice to touch and smooth- the fact that lets you save on lubricant by using little amount of it. By the way, the toy is compatible with both water and oil-based lubes.

Recently, We-Vibe has changed the packaging design. It used to be white with a lot of writing and the photo showing a pink Nova in the center. Now, the photo is removed, the writings’ size diminished, they added a gradient and put the toy’s silhouettes on two sides. For my taste, the package is looking more attractive now. The guys made it look pretty, good job.

The minimalistic holographic sticker showing how Nova works is still on the package. I like it.

A bit of grouching

The new external design made me think the toys itself need some redesign. While the shape meets the function, the revolting pink color meets nothing at all. I want Nova to be entirely black.

The package includes a little satin bag. A piece of garbage, I dare say. It looks nasty, it is nasty to touch. A simple cotton bag would look much better. Minute details, you can say. Still, things of this sort make my internal designer cry in despair.

We-Vibe Nova has got a magnetic charging

I do respect brands that use this kind of technology with their devices. All you need do is bring the charging to the contacts and it will be connected in the right position. It’s magic.

It means you needn’t seek the little hole, try to connect a wrong plug (lots of headache if your toy collection is wide) and finally spoil (or ‘trash’) the port by accident.

The magnetic charging is especially good for people with poor eyesight, lack of fine motor skills or when you are drunk.

How to use it

The control is not intuitive. I am used to see few buttons in devices, just like in those made by Fan Factory, but in this toy there are five of them. Besides, both the charging ports and the light indicator also look like buttons.

So, when I first took up Nova, I was a bit confused. I failed to switch it on and had to read the user’s guide. The package includes a brief manual containing pictures, for more detailed version you should visit the website (it also contains pictures, it may be worth visiting).

In brief, it is like that:
– the enclosed button in the center is to switch the device and the motors on and off separately (clitoris only/g-spot only/both), a two-second click of the central button switches the vibrator off, if you press it longer until you feel two pulsing vibrations, the Bluetooth module is going to switch on;
– the < > buttons change the vibration pattern;
– the + - buttons increase or decrease vibration intensity.

The battery status indicator is another useful detail few brands tend to use in their devices. As a result, a funny contrast happens: the vibrator is law while I am still high. This is how it looks like:
– the indicator blinks fast: charging in process;
– the indicator is on, without blinks: battery full;
– the indicator is off: no supply/the charging cable is connected incorrectly;
– the indicator blinks slowly: low battery.

The we-vibe application shows the battery status in per cent.

Smartphone control

I do not often use Bluetooth control with toys. The applications are usually of poor quality and offer no special advantage that could make me keep the smartphone in hand (literally clicking on the phone’s screen with sticky lubricated fingers).

We-Vibe did their best and made a handy app, actually. This is not an extra to increase the retail price but a fancy interactive piece to adjust each arm independently. Using this app, you can control your Nova from every corner of the globe (provided that you have got an Internet connected smartphone). It is possible to delegate the control to your partner. However, I am not sure that anyone else but me knows exactly what my clitoris wants, still this option is amusing. It can be of special value if you have relations at a distance.

There is a chat to have sex sending photos and making videos.

Nova has got ten standard vibration patterns. Via the app, you can create, adjust by seconds and save your custom vibes.

Satiating vibrations and multiple ways of using We-Vibe Nova

The We-Vibe vibrations fit me more than that of other brands. I would describe them as deep, a bit careless and satiating.

Usually, the clitoris arms are equipped with a less powerful motor which rather gives you some kind of superficial buzzing vibration. For this reason, I often apply the internal part of the vibrator to my clitoris. They say the external fin has got the same motor as the notorious vibro bullet, We-Vibe Tango. Wow!

The clitoris arm is flexible enough, its construction allows the toy to keep in contact with the clitoris by flexing along the body when pushed. The external flip usually covers the clitoris without any significant pressure. Those who like both vibration and pressure on their clitoris can be sure this toy is definitely your choice.

Many users can find this clitoris vibration too direct, in this case you can slightly turn your Nova to shift it from 12 o’clock (imagine a dial over your vulva where the clitoris corresponds to 12 o’clock) to 2 p.m. or 10 a.m.

>>˃Scroll down the slider, picture №5!

It is also possible to put the vibrator aside the clitoris without turning it, its resistance is strong enough to be fixed and stay in a comfortable position without slipping. Everything depends on individual preferences.

If its pressure is too high, try another angle. I am not a big fan of the situation when my clitoris is pressed roughly and I found it comfortable to incline Nova the way its vaginal part could be pressed against the front vaginal wall while the external flip could just slightly support the clitoris.

I’ve listed other ways of using Nova here below.

1. Many women avoid internal vibration because it impedes concentration. Try to switch the vibration off or turn it down low to the minimum and leave the ‘clitoris’ on. Push the vibrator gently towards the front vaginal wall and pull it slightly out. Turn it in a clockwise direction and back as if it were a wind wiper. Try to make circular movements. Select the proper way of G-spot stimulation.

2. Penetration-free use. I like to put the vaginal arm over the vulva without immersing the vibrator while the smaller arm supports the clitoris. Another way: shift your Nova a bit downwards, pressing the main part to the vagina’s entrance.

3. Introduce one of the arms into the anus. It depends on your personal preferences which arm you are going to use. Don’t forget to use a condom and avoid mixing the vaginal and the anal micro floras.

4. Nova has got a fancy grip. It is handy, its buttons are covered with silicone and it can significantly transmit the remaining vibration. Well, I mean that female couples can also try the vibrator. In this case, smartphone control might be a must-have.

5. Using Nova, you can practice the “bridge” technique for orgasm reallocation.

6. If you’ve got a cock, try to put the larger arm into your anus (it is meant to stimulate the prostate gland) while the smaller one should be fixed on the perineum.

7.     Massage your teats using Nova. Fix the smaller fin on the nipple and make round movements with the bigger arm. Clamp the nipple between the fins or “embrace” the whole teat area.

Other tips

The vibrator is quiet, actually. I’ve downloaded a decibel-o-meter to my iphone to measure its loudness: it is of 45dB at 20 cm away from the phone, and of 69dB when I put the microphone right between the vibrator’s arms.

Nova is waterproof. It means that it can be easily washed and can be used while you are having a bath or shower. Use an oil-based lube, it lasts longer.

The two-year warranty period. At last! Until recently, Fan Factory has been the only company who offered the two-year warranty.

Clean jobs while manufacturing.

A free lube sample by Pure.


In addition to the fact that I don’t like the color and the bag included into the package, I’d like to knock the following aspects: there is no button lock. Before you fly somewhere with the toy, it is better to empty the Nova’s battery if you want to avoid blushing when you suddenly hear your luggage vibrating.

Nova will suit you, if…

We-Vibe Nova is a cool rabbit at this price, actually. I’ve discovered some drawbacks, but most people do not usually care for such details.

A check-list for those who will definitely like Nova

1.     Your clitoris is 5-6cm away from the vagina’s entrance. If you’ve got more and still want a Nova, don’t be upset, you can try to adapt to it, but it won’t be as comfortable, to my mind.

2.     You appreciate intense vibration.

3.     You like direct pressure upon your clitoris.

4.     You like toys that are easy to introduce.

5.     You need no deep penetration or burst at the vagina’s entrance.

6.     You like precise G-spot vibration.

Think twice before you buy it, it might be a wrong vibrator for you, if…

1.     You prefer soft dispersed vibrations.

2.     You want the vaginal arm to be soft and flexible.

3.     You don’t like direct stimulation and strong pressure upon your clitoris.

4.     You don’t like dual vibrators as they tend to baffle your sensations.

These have been impressions shared by Alina Shikut.