We-Vibe Nova 2 rabbit

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“I don’t remember the last time I sang such odes to a vibrator,” blogger Ronnie Black.


Text and photos: Ronny Black (Saliva is not lubrication)

Russian version

Today we have Nova 2 from We-Vibe. The first version has made a stir in the sexshoppers community for many years and has become hyper popular. Now there is an updated second version, and voila – I finally got it for the test.

Let's read all the characteristics on the site this time. And I will just highlight the main features, as I want to get down to the most delicious as soon as possible. From the main one – the travel-lock function, magnetic charging, two independent motors, connection to the application. Well, the main story will be about appearance and functionality, and it is done luxuriously.

All in all, the Nova 2 is a bunny vibrator not quite a standard shape. The clitoral process is sooo long and very flexible. The vaginal part does not bend, and there is a thickening at the end to get into the Ji area, wherever you have it.

At first I thought – well, just another rabbit. In general, I was skeptical. But in vain! Oh, how in vain! I do not know how they achieved this and to whom they sold their souls, but the vibration is so crushing and at the same time rumbling! It doesn't pierce you to the very bones, but you feel in general all the power. Due to the soft and at the same time very smooth silicone, as well as the comfortable shape, I didn't even need any lubricant! This was a discovery for me in general. I warmed myself up a little, caught a wave, so to speak – and you can go into battle, and not fumble with your hand on the nightstand by the bed.

The clitoral process is generally an engineering miracle. You can place it pointwise on the clitoris (or in any part of the vulva above the entrance to the vagina. Or you can press it flat to make the vibration more diffuse. For me, the second option went to the stage of a plateau, and then she punched herself to orgasm pointwise. And most importantly, with this toy you don't have to think about whether it will suit you or not because of the length of the outer process – get down to business, it is almost 10 cm long!

Vaginally, everything is so right that I was shocked after the first test! With all this, the device is practically silent. No, I really think We-Vibe sold someone's soul. You can switch between the motors with one separate button, which is extremely convenient. There are enough modes to find your favorite. Plus, the vibration turns on very lightly, and with the increase in power, I just flew into space. This is the number, I don’t remember the last time I sang such odes to a vibrator! In general, I thought that it was already difficult to surprise me with something!

So that you understand, there are 13 different speeds for 10 vibration modes! If you are still chasing the orgasm, then Nova has surpassed you! I sincerely believe that here you cannot even look back at the sensitivity, everything is so diverse that there is a non-illusory opinion that will suit almost everyone. The word "practically" is here only because there is no one hundred percent hit on everyone.

The shape, silicone, the necessary softness, the power of the motors, a variety of modes, a bunch of goodies in the form of button locking, waterproofing, guarantees and other things just broke my heart. No kidding, Nova goes to my shelf with my favorite toys on the top shelf!

I don’t have many favorites with whom I’m ready to rush down the street and shout to everyone and everyone, how wonderful it is, but Nova definitely made it into my small list.

The toy was provided to the blogger for a test by the Lavka Freyda (Freud's Shop) store.