Wave Romp – a new shape from a young brand

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Bright and budget Romp sex toys instantly won the interest of buyers. Anastasia Kurshankova got acquainted with another new brand.


© Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

About a year ago, We-vibe and Womanizer teamed up and launched the Romp brand: bright, stylish and inexpensive toys. Their collection includes vacuum stimulators, a vibro-bullet, a wand massager, several classic vibrators, an erection ring. I took the Wave vibro device for a review – I liked its unusual asymmetric shape, it’s like a leaf of a tree.

Wave is made of smooth medical grade silicone, the slightly elongated oval shape fits well in the hand. Apparently, the vibrating element is located exactly in the middle of the toy, since it does not bend in this place, but the tip-like tip bends like a tongue!

This is not a super powerful vibrator: even at the highest levels, the vibration remains quite gentle and teasing rather than deep and rolling. On the other hand, Wave is ideal for leisurely foreplay in the bathroom: it is waterproof. And it is also convenient to do a massage or put it in panties (the convex-concave shape just calls for this!)

In total, the toy has ten modes of operation, which are switched by successive pressing of the convenient button at the base, which is easily found by touch due to the relief.

Wave is sold in a bright stylish box, inside which, in addition to the charger and instructions, there is a business card with the address of the official website and an e-mail to write a review if desired, and a set of charming sex-positive stickers. And all for the price of an average Satisfyer gadget!