Wand vibrator from the fashion brand Romp

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Ronny Black (“Saliva is not lubrication” telegram channel) about Flip, another budget product in the Romp line.


© Ronny Black (Saliva is not lubrication)

Russian version

This is also a novelty from Romp (the younger brother of the Womanizer), but it is not a vacuumer this time. The thing is called Romp Flip. It looks like a typical Wand: like a microphone, only smaller than its twin-brother from Hitachi. Its entire length is about 23 cm in total. It has ten vibration modes, of which six are escalation, and the remaining four are different patterns. It works for an hour (while charging, too). The charging wire, by the way, is plug-in but the manufacturer assures that the device is waterproof, and it is so – I purposely submerged it. It is made of medical silicone with plastic inserts (yellow in the photo – they are exactly what they are). There are only two control buttons: one is on/off, another is for switching modes. Since there is only one mode control button, there is no step back, if you accidentally switch from the mode you like, then press it a hundred more times until you find it again.

Well, now the review itself. The Flip has a very flexible head, which is great. There is only one motor, but it is powerful for such a toy. I would not say that it is completely silent, but for this kind of motor it is really quiet. The first speed and one of the vibration patterns were enough for me, if we are talking about the clitoris. And even here I did it through the hood of the clitoris, otherwise it is too strong. By the way, if you just hold the toy in your hand and switch modes, then their difference is almost imperceptible, but it is not the case when used on your tender spots. The advantage of such a small step is that you can choose the mode for yourself, without worrying that now you are with a weak one, and another second with a strong. I liked high speeds on the inner side of the thigh, on the feet (suddenly!), on the neck and under the bosom (also suddenly!). Well, in general this is a good massager for the whole body. Men can use this device in exactly the same manner. On the scrotum, buttocks, hips and all sorts of spots you like.

There is no button indication, there is only an indicator that the toy is on, but in general this is understandable, since there is no sleep mode here. The buttons are embossed so you can find them even blindfolded. By the way, the Romp Flip weighs only 147 grams, so again this is not a bulky classic wand.

The device can only be used with water-based lubricants. Moreover, if you have a good lubricant that, after drying, does not stick and does not roll, then you can use it along with the Flip just on the body. It feels strange, but I liked it, it's definitely worth a try.

It is also perfect for games when you “knock out” the orgasm. The main thing is not to use it on one spot for a long time, otherwise the spot will go numb. Well, yes, strong vibrations are also recoiled to the hand. Not so much, but keep in mind that your hand can get numb too if you use the vibrator for a long time. In general, in the manual itself it is written in black and white that it should be used no more than 15 minutes in one place. This was a lot for me. It is better to change the location early so that the nerve endings do not get shocked.

By the way, rubbing with this toy also comes in with a bang! (Rubbing is when you rub your genitals against your partner. In this case, against the toy).

I did not find any minuses about the toy, although I was looking thoroughly. The only thing is – watch your individual sensitivity. The lower it is, the more Romp Flip suits you. Well, yes, I love the colors of the toys in this line. All bright, rich, and even with free stickers! As though it says -people, look, we are also focusing on the younger generation. And the stickers are really good, I must say.