#vintovkina_testdrive: two unusual devices for couples

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Sex blogger Arina Vintovkina talked about the revolutionary new Dame brand.


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The Dame brand claims to be “feminist”. This is not some kind of a huge holding, but the project of two beautiful girls: sexologist Alexandra Fine and MIT engineer Janet Lieberman. In 2014 they decided to establish their own brand of sex toys in order (to quote an official legend) “to compensate for the gap in orgasms between hetero men and hetero women: according to statistics, 95% of males finish “always” and “usually ”, while with women this figure is 65%.

The things that Fine and Lieberman make are geared towards surface stimulation, which, and its is also confirmed by a scientific studies and not only by the personal experience, the vast majority of girls are lacking. In short, “fr om people with vaginas to people with vaginas” and the total “I feel your pain, sister”.

Why else can you love the Dame brand for?

For example, because they actively promoted their products through offline/online stores like Urban Outfitters - not just for the sake of profit, but also to remove the stigma and flair of the “forbidden and vicious” fr om the sex toys. Or because gay couples featured on advertising posters (by the way, their toys goes perfectly with F + F contacts) and 60+ women. In general, no matter how you look, it’s a very pro-female brand.

But the easiest way is to love them for the toys themselves. Both Fin and Eva II are elegantly neutral fr om the point of view of exterior and technologically are very thought out. And you can say – they are even innovative!

Fin is a vibrator that fits your finger.

The idea is not revolutionary, but it is performed perfectly. The vibrating element is enclosed in a silicone case, which in shape resembles either a pebble or a marshmallow: smooth lines, barely noticeable asymmetry. A clamp with a loop is attached to the “pebble”. You put two fingers in the loop – and the toy actually becomes an extension of your own hand. The vibrator weighs absolutely nothing, it is fixed securely, so in just a few seconds of use, you basically forget that your arm is equipped with something extra. The movements are super-natural: you simply glide along the labia, massage the clitoris head in a circle, touch lightly or with pressure – the way you do it during solo games.

The rubber band can be unfastened and you can just hold the toy between your fingers (on the device itself there are special recesses for this), but in my experience – with the rubber it is more convenient.

The mode switching button is located on top – in order to switch speeds (there are only 3 of them; the first is very delicate, so the device will suit the owners of sensitive clits), you need your second hand. The device itself is tiny, so that any penetrative activity does not interfere. The control is elementary, the design is amazingly thought out.

Fin is decorated in a very reserved way: you are no ladies writhing on the box. Restrained colors and lines, cardboard packaging. Fin also comes with a canvas bag and a funny sticker.

Eva II is a more innovative product. This is, mind you, the first clitoral stimulator that attaches * to the body and frees your hands for more interesting activities.

* “Attaches to the body” – does NOT mean that it is a wearable toy (like Moxie We Vibe): if you attach the toy and stand up, it will definitely fall. This means that during couple sex Eva II will vibrate in the area of the vulva, providing uninterrupted additional stimulation. The shape, size and weight of the device are such that it will not interfere with the partner in any way.

How to fasten. Attach the toy with the convex side to the area of the clitoris head, and flex the “legs” (they are located on the sides of the device and make it look like a small friendly alien) under the labia. After that press the ON button (it is on top of the body). This is it!

How to ins ert correctly and wh ere – do not worry and do not torment Google: it is almost impossible to make a mistake and do something fatally wrong (as well as to catch the right position the first time). A universal instruction still does not exist, since we have responsive areas in different places, and the shapes of the labia are also different.

We tested it together with Mrs. B, and here's a micro-insight – on, or rather, under the compact labia, the Eva II holds better than under the large lips (although in theory it seemed to me that it would be the other way around).

My advice to you, do not get the device immediately into action, but experiment alone. Attach it, turn it on and move your hips up and down from side to side – and immediately the questions ”Will it fall down?” will fall away. You need to find the correct position (your own special) of the location of the toy and immediately come to terms with the idea that not in all poses it will sit securely in place.

In positions with hips as wide as possible and those wh ere gravity works against you (in the knee-elbow), it most likely will fall out. In the “rider” – it depends on the nature and amplitude of your movements. The most successful one, in my opinion, is the “missionary” one, when the girl is lying on her back, because here the partner will additionally press Eva II onto your vulva (excesses are possible if he begins to perform all kinds of acrobatic tricks).

Surprisingly cool, Eva II blended in to the vulva-vulva rabbing – vibrations are transmitted to all participants in the process, and the device itself moves out minimally.

You need just a tiny bit of lubricant or you can do without it at all. The more grease, the greater the chance of undocking the toy.

Another nuance that doesn’t make Eva II a panacea: the toggle button is located on the case (only 3 modes), so you can’t do without hands if you need to do something more powerful.

Eva II in comparison with its predecessor, numbered «I» (it was the first device by Dame, which was made thanks to crowdfunding) is charged like We Vibe – there is a plastic cup, which can hold a toy, and charge it via USB.

In general, Eva II is, of course, not a miracle that has turned over the entire sex toy industry, but it’s a very sensible alternative for those who are fed up with all “couple toys” of the “peg” format. Paired activity is uniquely decorated with it.

Wh ere can I find a fault?

The nature of the vibration, to my taste, is superficial. This is a common weakness with both Fin and Eva II. After using the rumbling toys it feels a... not serious. If, for example, you could fasten the We Vibe Wish motor to them, which echoes deeply in sensitive areas, they would be priceless.