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Journalist and blogger Arina Vintovkina has called this pair "excellent sex assistants".


© Arina Vintovkina

Russian version

With anal plugs I always had a problem: either too big or no vibration. And I needed the plug for very specific things – to accompany penetrative sex and cunnilingus.

If you add some activity from the rear to the manipulations with the vulva, the head of the clitoris, the vagina, your entire pelvis is entwined with pleasant sensations. All touches and, in fact, the orgasm get brighter and more concentrated. At least in my case it is so.

I tried it a long time ago, when one of the partners, during cunnilingus, rhythmically pressed the pad of his finger on my anus (he did not seek to get inside, but just seemed to play along with the movements of the tongue). And it was a damn appropriate accompaniment.

When the fate brought me to the GPlug size “S” for a couple of years, my delight knew no bounds. As one of my subscribers, who had also been friends with a GPlug for a long time, wrote: “This is a plug that even my proctologist will approve of”.

Now it is available, both separately and in a set with a GRing – a vibrator that fits your finger, and also serves as a control panel for the plug. And it's a super-combo. I am telling you why these devices are good, both together and separately.


Small and undemanding

By “undemanding” I mean that it is easy to introduce it (drop-shaped, elongated nose), during sex it does not fall out and does not slip, but fits into any position (with more bulky units in certain positions sometimes there was a feeling of discomfort).


It is a medical silicone, velvety-pleasant to the touch and moderately odor-absorbing. In terms of configuration – a large base, which serves as a “stopper” and does not allow the plug to slip inside and get lost in the bowels of the rectum, and a thin “leg” connecting the base and the plug itself (the external sphincter does not additionally stretch as it hugs something small).

NOT furiously powerful

The nature of the vibration is rather superficial and teasing (there are only 6 modes). In the case when the plug acts as an “assistant”, this is rather a plus: vibrations do not draw attention and do not drown out the sensations of what is happening in the vulva and inside the vagina.


When it is introduced inside, it is, basically, almost inaudible.


It is easily controlled (one button on the base) and washable (it is absolutely smooth, without ribs and additional decorations, which can be difficult to rinse from lubricant).

What can I find fault with

When switched on, a light glows on the base. That is, when the plug is inserted into the body, your bottom lights up with a soft pinkish glow. In the dark of the bedroom, it looks like a warning beacon. Without illumination, to my taste, it would be better.

If you buy the GPlug separately, the remote control is not included, which is devilishly inconvenient when you need to switch the mode during use. You have to reach out. In general, you won't end up with a hassle.


If you take the GPlug in a set, it will have a remote control in the form of a vibrator on the GRing finger.


Tiny, lightweight, holds up well

You just stick your finger into it, approximately as if you were putting on a regular ring, and the device closes around the phalanx. And now you have not just a hand, but a vibrating hand, which, for example, can be used to further stimulate yourself during sex. Or not yourself, but a partner.


You don't need any separate applications, for example, for two devices to be connected. Being within a radius of a couple of meters from each other and being both switched on, they “see” each other anyway. And by switching the mode on the ring, you automatically switch the mode on the plug at the same time.

Universal as a remote control

It connects not only with this plugin, but also with a number of other brand devices.

Quieter than the plug

The sound is muffled and non-irritating. The vibrations are quite superficial. Do not expect that it will be some kind of waves penetrating deep into the tissues. Tune in, rather, to light fluctuations. There are only six modes, absolutely synonymous with those of GPlug.

What can I find fault with?

It would be cool (but it doesn't work that way in this case) if the GPlug and the GRing could work in different modes.

General advantages of the set

Save about 1200 rubles. (compared to what you will pay if you take the devices separately).

Elegant, non-vulgar and uncommon (but without pretentiousness) packaging: a dense tube with intricate graphics on the side.

Both devices are 100% waterproof. Includes a storage pouch and a magnetic charger. The warranty is 3 years.