#vintovkina_testdrive: drops and foam from Orgie

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Arina Vitovkina continues to do her deep research of intimate cosmetics from the Brazilian brand.


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The Orgie brand, I might give the title of “premier manufacturer of aphrodisiacs”. Previously, I tested their “liquid vibrators” (to my taste, one of the best!). And now it's time to speak on more of their new products!

Orgasm Drops

My main problem with stimulants: weak – I hardly feel them, and too strong – too sharp and vigorous for me. Orgie's exciting drops come fr om that rare breed of stimulants that suited the person as finicky as me.

They are strong but gentle. They maintain the effect for a long time, but the effect is not exhausting and very comfortable: it gains strength and comes off smoothly.

Drops – attention! – are for the clitoris (but can also be applied on the head of the penis). Therefore, they should not be dripped into tea, such as a love potion, but on the genitals. It works in the same way as most local stimuli do: due to the ingredients the blood flow increases and, accordingly, the sensitivity rises and, in general, the range of what you feel from the usual caresses and toys changes. Orgasm Drops is friendly with silicone devices, but not with latex, therefore, you should not apply it under a condom.

Just drip 2-3 drops and rub the product into the mucous membrane of the vulva (penis head). Provided that in a bottle of 30 ml, it will be enough for a long time. It smells very expressive of mint. For those who find the natural intimate scent not the most attractive, as a bonus, the effect of “masking” will be added: menthol overrides all other aromas.

The effect is felt literally in the first couple of minutes: a pleasant, slightly tingling chill which becomes stronger, then weakens, and then rolls over again in a cool wave. In this case, the sensations are pumped up as gradually as possible. They come to naught (for me) on average in 15 minutes. While the agent works, any touch is felt as if accompanied by thousands of sparks.

In texture, it is a gel-like substance, not super liquid but not oily. It is absorbed within a minute. As for the packaging: a glass bottle and a pipette – an option for an amateur. From the usability point of view, a dispenser bottle is a more practical option. But the pipette personally gives rise to associations with a medical fetish and gives rise to some kind of game associations.

Orgasm Drops exists in two variations: in a purple bottle, like mine, and in a red bottle, which I have not tested yet but, according to reviews, their effect is slightly less pronounced.

Another difference: the aroma (my drops are “Menthol”, the red ones are “Apple With Cinnamon”) and the fact that the remedy from the red bottle is edible (that is, it can be paralleled with cunnilingus / blowjob), but mine is not (I did try but the bitterness is terrible).

Acqua Crocante Effervescent Moisturizing Massage Foam

When it seems that you have already tried everything for massage, you can try this foam. The consistency of the foam is like – no surprises here – a shaving foam. Lush, light, snow-white. It can be squeezed into the palm and then applied to the partner's body, or you can apply it on the body immediately. I like the first option better, because it is more convenient to distribute the product evenly over the skin.

And then the most interesting thing begins: under the fingers, the foam begins to hiss, crackle, click, tickle, tease. The auditory and tactile sensations are such that you cannot guess the nature of this pyrotechnic show. My first association was – as if I was showered with exploding caramel and began to lick, from which the caramel began to crackle playfully.

The most interesting sensations are wh ere the most delicate skin is: neck, chest, back of the wrists and inner thighs. Goosebumps run in slender rows from nape to heels and back. To enhance the moment, it is better that the person is not aware of what exactly you are plan to do (yes, I am hinting at blindfold games).

The most popular question is usually: “Can it be applied to the genitals?” – yes, it is not forbidden. Of course, you shouldn't use foam as a substitute for a lubricant. But it is easy to apply it on the vulva or penis and massage. I do not advise you to go straight to oral sex, because the foam is not edible, but it goes well with latex and silicone toys.

This foam is not the same as standard massage oil: it has a watery texture rather than oily. So, you should not count on it to slide for long (plus for those who are not in the mood to do a long massage). With each portion of the product, on average, 3-5 minutes of massage activity comes out, after which you need to either add more foam or switch to other games. I found only one minus: it depletes quickly. With our love for long games, the spray was enough just a couple of times.

When the foam settles, the skin remains slightly damp (but NOT sticky with no stuffy cloggings!) And the scent. Mine was with the smell of Mona (if Google isn't lying, this is a gardenia from Tahiti): fresh, light, sweetish, but not cloying.

Keep in mind a small organizational moment: the foam on the skin feels cool, so that the recipient does not get cold, the room should be as warm as possible. Or pounce on your partner with a massage right after he or she got out of the shower and has not yet had time to cool down. Immediately after sex – like a spectacular final chord of intimacy, when everyone is still hot – it is also delightful.

But in my daring fantasies, a bottle of this remedy should accompany you on vacations: when, for example, you just came back from the beach, took a shower and collapsed on the bed tired of the sun and tuned in to leisurely sensual games. Here it is difficult to imagine something more appropriate than this foam.