Vibration plug Magic Motion Equinox

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All the pros and cons of an anal plug with vibration were studied by the blogger Salem Witch.

Text and photo: Salem Witch

Russian version

For a long time, I looked fr om the open description page to the box with a new toy from Magic Motion and did not understand how to start the review. Apart from a few complaints, the toy is not bad, but far from impressive.

Magic Motion Equinox is a rather large butt plug made of black silicone with a suction cup. She looks classic for such devices – unremarkable and brutal. Matte black silicone is quite tough, marks easily remain on it, and the toy clings to dust well. But tactilely pleasant, like other soft-touch devices.

The plug is made in the form of a cone expanding towards the base. The leg is small, which allows you to use the toy for a long time. The total height of the toy is slightly more than 10 cm, the working area is 8 cm, and the diameter at its widest point is 3.5 cm.

The toy will definitely not become an invisible companion when going to the cinema or to a party. Indeed, in terms of noise level, it is quite a bit inferior to a mixer. It is definitely not designed for going outside.

There are also comments on the suction cup. It performs its function – you sculpt it to the tiles in the bathroom, and now the toy is fixed on the wall, ready to use. But it does not hold well, you will have to constantly correct it, now and then attach it again.

The vibration is quite powerful for such a miniature toy. It can be controlled both from the phone and from the button on the case. The plug has seven vibration modes, you cannot create your own from a smartphone. The time of continuous work is 60 minutes, with 120 minutes spent on charging. The app can be downloaded from both Google play and the Apple store, but you won't be able to switch the language from Chinese. However, the application is very simple and intuitive.

As for the most important failure of this toy, it is the vibration button on the body. Prepare to accidentally hit it every time you use it. It is located in the place wh ere it is convenient to hold the toy with your hand. One careless movement - and the toy vibrated. The button is very easy to press and only takes one short touch to turn it on. At the same time, to cut out the vibration, it will take a long press for three seconds. In other words, those who categorically do not like surprises during sex, it is better to look for something else.

The instructions say that the toy can be rinsed with warm water and soap, which, together with the magnetic charging, indicates its water resistance. However, there is no exact information anywhere. What level of moisture resistance it has is unclear. I did not dare to immerse it in water entirely and use it in the bath, although the toy did not die from washing under running water.

Its first and most important plus is its shape. Here the manufacturer did not open America, the toy is molded in the form that is already very popular on the market.

The second plus is the price. For the plug Magic Motion Equinox, you can pay from 2 to 3 thousand rubles. Quality is equal to cost, everything is natural here.

Only the packaging is surprising –the box is very attractive, dense and beautiful. Comes with a storage pouch and magnetic charger.

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