Vibration massage Svakom Cici

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“The very case when one toy, as they say, is a jack of all trades,” Lalo Bye.

Text and photos: Lalo Bye

Russian version

When I first saw little Cici on the shelves of a sex shop, I felt empathy for her in a completely non-sexual context. This tiny purple stick seemed to me an excellent massager for the face, so to speak, and drive the cream into the skin, and make a massage. As an intimate toy, she did not attract me at all.

Of course, in this state of affairs, Cici did not make it to my wishlist. But destiny turned it all differently! So, with great pleasure I will tell you about my unexpected discovery.

Cici is a vibrator from Svakom. Designed both for external stimulation (clitoris, vulva, nipples and any other erogenous zones), and for internal stimulation of the G-zone. A distinctive feature of Cici is the bendable head, which allows you to independently adjust the angle for better stimulation. There is a ribbed relief on the head of the toy, which also adds piquancy to the sensations.


1. Cici has 5 modes and 5 levels of vibration intensity, that is, as many as 25 variations of combinations! Simple, win-win and uncompromising.

2. The toy is pretty quiet.

3. The class of moisture protection – IPX7, that is, you can completely immerse it in water, take it along to the bathroom or shower.

4. Very simple operation with one button. Disable/Enable – hold the button for about 3 seconds. One short press increases the intensity, and a double press changes the vibration mode.

5. Dimensions: length – 18.2 cm, width – 2.5 cm.

6. Full charge time – 2 hours, battery life up to 4 hours.

7. Warranty from Svakom – 1 year.

8. The package, in addition to the toy itself, also includes a charger, a storage bag and a user manual.

My impressions

I want to start by saying that I was absolutely 100% right about Cici as a face massager and anything in general. It vibrates very precisely and powerfully and relaxes stiff muscles. Even my partner appreciated when I gave him a neck and head massage with this baby: “Wow, what is this? Go on, go on”. Considering the fact that the device is not intended for that at all – what a cool bonus, you agree?!

The second point is directly for its intended purpose as an intimate device. This is the very case when I did not expect anything at all and did not plan to be surprised. I assumed that the motor would be quite powerful and that the device could be used as an elongated vibro-bullet. And so, it is! As a clitoral stimulator, Cici is beyond praise, but I'll voice them anyway. This is a wow effect! My sincere compliments to the engineers and the manufacturer.

It was completely unexpected how great it was to use Cici to stimulate the G-spot. I finally realized what kind of “caressing the G-spot” everyone is talking about so persistently, and it's just amazing. The movable head of Cici significantly contributes to this very stimulation, and the massage itself hits the target very accurately!

I want to share with you my favorite method of using a toy.

1. We start with external stimulation of the vulva and clitoris.

2. After the flow of blood into the pelvic area and perceptible excitement, we smoothly move on to penetration and “combing the G-zone”, as if we are stroking the anterior wall of the vagina under the pubic bone.

3. You can alternate between clitoral and vaginal stimulation. My anatomy at a certain angle allows me to stimulate both at the same time with only Cici.

4. We get a delightful orgasm. It doesn't matter from which zone, it's still Belissimo. I sometimes practice getting an orgasm, first from external stimulation, and then from internal. And vice versa, and repeat, and one more at a time – this is a holiday of happiness and pleasure!

Honestly, I tell you, Cici from Svakom became for me an incredible discovery. It unexpectedly quickly, literally after the first use, it moved to the bedside table as a favorite “lifesaver”. But alas, maybe not everyone will like it. There is one most significant nuance – the diameter of the Cici, which is only 2.5 cm. For fans of the feeling of fullness, the device will not be enough. But at the same time, it is a terrific option for women who do not like penetration or are afraid of painful sensations during it. There can be a lot of reasons for discomfort during penetration: from psychological to structural features of the body. Cici is the very option when it is not scary that it will be painful or unpleasant.


Toys definitely should not be judged by their dimensions, because, as practice shows, a miniature magic wand can not only touch with its appearance, but also be a very cool helper in any adventure.

I am completely and irrevocably in love with Cici. And not only in it – now toys from Svakom more and more often cause my interest and a passionate desire to get them for the test!

Device received for testing thanks to @lisovskaya_prosex and kokointim.