Vibrating ring Over Drive Plus from VeDO

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Our author has tested the Over Drive Plus vibratory ring.


Text: Evgeny Postavets

Russian version

Packing vibrating ring in full set, there is a cord for charging.

The manufacturer announced 10 vibration modes, but in fact there are only 5 of them.

I would like to note the material from which the vibrating ring is made: it is pleasant to the touch, there are no awkward sensations from bodily contact, it does not rub. The ring stretches well, thanks to which it is possible to put it under the scrotum without any discomfort.

The vibration is light, perfect for highly sensitive people. The length and shape of the appendix is universal, which makes this vibrating ring suitable for those with a high clitoris position.

With unhurried frictions, a clear stimulation of the clitoris and labia is obtained, you can stop for a while and, pressing the device with your pubis to the girl's clitoris, increase her arousal.

The toy is perfect for sensual sex, especially when the girl is on top, and there is an opportunity to observe the reaction to double stimulation.

The device was provided for a test drive by the wholesale company Kazanova 69 with the assistance of