Vibrating Egg + App: Phoenix Neo by Svakom

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A novelty with smartphone control from Svakom company was tested by the author of “Tirelessly!” Telegram channel.


Text: Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

And again Svakom: this time their novelty, the Phoenix Neo vibrating egg has the smartphone control. The brand developed the application together with the Kiiroo company who they are real experts in remote-control toys and market leaders (for example a vibrator and a masturbator which can be configured so that the movements of one partner are felt by another were invented and implemented by Kiiroo). In general, it is promising and interesting!

The Phoenix’s body is completely covered with a pleasant-touch smooth silicone. It is drop-shaped, slightly asymmetrical, the diameter of the toy at its widest part is 3 cm. On the more convex side of the Phoenix there is a relief in the form of small ribs which as it seemed to me, were made more for beauty than functionality.

The vibrator's tail is flexible and very durable, the thickening at its end serves as a platform for the charger contacts and it also has a button that turns the device on and off.

When you press the button once, Phoenix turns on and goes into a standby mode (a bright red LED lights up, the toy startles), then you can either use the button to control it (successive presses change the vibration mode and there are eleven in total), or use the Feel Connect 3 app.

Phoenix syncs with the app automatically (the main thing is not to forget to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone). You can adjust the power of the toy, select the vibration mode for a music track or external noise, or you can transfer control to your partner or connect to interactive erotic videos (then the vibration will change depending on what is happening on the screen).

Most of all I liked using Phoenix for additional vaginal stimulation during oral sex or with a vacuum toy – the vibrator’s tail easily bends to the side and does not interfere at all.

The novelty is provided for the test by lavkafreid (Freud's Shop) online store.