Vibepad: do talke a seat!

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Sex blogger O-la- la has tested a new unusual device from Orion.


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It just so happened that I began to spend much more time at home than before due to the quarantine. To be honest, the main part of my day now passes at the computer. When Vibepad fr om Orion fell into my hands, I could not even think that this “ramp” would become a wonderful “anti-stress” pillow for me.

By the looks of it – a funny oval thing, flat, with two humps like those of a camel. I immediately called it a slope, because the edges of this toy are flexible and very plastic. It seems, throw it into the water, and it will float. But it was not there.

Yes, this is how I check all new toys - I give myself a massage of the neck and the collar zone. This device has 2 convex tubercles, the one is slightly larger than the other, and between them, you can perfectly position your neck tired from daily work. Well, and while writing I became to look more mysterious, perhaps, because now I really like to sit in one place, and more specifically, on Vibepad.

Outside there is a very delicate medical silicone, extremely pleasant to the touch, but it also has a minus, it gathers all the dust that is in the area: wool, dirt, everything! An individual storage bag did not save the situation. And that made me make it exclusively an anti-stress toy that I use while wearing my clothes.

The power button is located on the back of the “ramp”, there are 7 modes in total and 2 motors inside, which can be controlled independently from each other. RC is included.

The device is waterproof, but I have no idea wh ere I could take it with me into the water, I don't have an open-air pool, and I rarely lie in the bath.

The vibration is deep and quiet. This is great if you are often late at work and want to steam off. The size of Vibepad is optimal so that it is not visible under a girl of any size, feel free to take it with you. True, such a “secret” is difficult to hide in a purse. We'll have to come up with a stationary place.

It's a real find for freelancers and those who spend a lot of time sitting because of work. An alternative “get up and walk”, and with Vibepad it's wonderful to stand in traffic jams, if you know what I mean :)

I experimented with the Vibepad waves (turned it in one direction, then in the other) and I liked it better when the big one was behind and actively stimulated the anus zone. But this is individual.


A soft and gentle vibration, quiet, but active enough and can add variety to the routine. A blowjob with a stimulation of the scrotum, or with stimulation of the performer's clitoris. Working days with a sparkle in your eyes. Any toy is universal, this one is no exception. Use your imagination and enjoy!