Versatile and unusual Enoki

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Ronnie Black figured out how the Shots toy is similar to the Wands.


Text and photos: Ronny Black (Saliva is not lubrication)

Russian version

Oh, there will be something unusual again today. The toy is called Enoki from the Vive brand line, originally from the Netherlands from the Shots company. This brand is special because that each toy has its distinctive feature, and with Enoki it is incredibly soft silicone and vibration. But first things first.

Enoki is a small vibrator for external stimulation, it has a plug-in charging and assurances of complete waterproofness (tested, it works), charges for an hour and a half with a runtime of 75 minutes. One motor for 10 modes: 3 escalation modes and 7 different patterns. The three control buttons are small, but very clearly protruding, which makes it easier to use. One button – on/off, plus and minus respectively switch modes. It weighs only 114 grams, so you don't get tired of holding your hand. Virtually silent. The box contains nothing but the toy itself and the charging wire. All information is only on the packaging.

The device has a silicone joint right in the middle, so it also bends in different directions. Medical silicone is very soft, even under the fingers and it is also stated that it is dust-repellent. I was skeptical about this but I can say that the toy collects the same cat's wool many times less than its brethren.

Now about usage. Firstly, I fell in love with the design, for a long time I did not have something so futuristic in my hands. A small, lightweight vibrator of a very strange shape that fits perfectly in the hand. So that you understand, the same day I collected it from delivery service, I took it to the bar to vibrate the bodies of my friends. The fact is that due to the power of the motor and the tough silicone, the vibration is deep and very penetrating. I can safely compare this with a powerful pocket wand. Moreover, Enoki is not so noisy and heavy, but it penetrates everywhere as it should.

It also has a secret eleventh mode: if you hold down the “+” button for a couple of seconds, the so-called “orgasm function” will turn on, and the indicator will start blinking white, so that you understand exactly what it is. What it is? The toy begins to give out a deep pulsating vibration, which, however, comes in handy once exactly for tests of the same mode. The device copes well without it, as for me.

It is also good (very good) for massaging any place on your body. Again, it seems to me that the matter is in the motor and the soft coating, which transmits vibration a little differently than other devices. Well, because of the size of the toy it is very convenient it is easy to use however you like: for the clitoris, the scrotum, between the shoulder blades. With a heavy wand, such a feint will definitely be more difficult (and physically harder).

About cons. The modes are not looped. This means that if you have reached the last one and want one of the first modes, you will have to “rewind” everything back. And I’m so used to the warranty period that I was very surprised when I didn’t find a word about the warranty here: oh, oh.

I almost forgot! Among the pluses here is also a light indicator, you will understand that it is time to charge the toy, since the power button will change the backlight from white to orange. All toys in general lack this little thing.

You can use Enoki only with a water-based lubricant, well, or with a really good hybrid (but you still need to look for it), so forget about oils and other greasy / silicone-based.

Bottom line. I really liked it, very straightforward. Powerful, deep, yet lightweight and easier to be stored under the pillow. I would like, of course, a warranty, but I understand that I am spoiled by other brands.

Enoki Shots submitted to the blogger for a test by the store.