Vacuum stimulator Miss UU by Kistoy

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Who is Miss UU, and why she is not like everyone else, our tester found out.


Text and photo: Maria Remneva

Russian version

Honestly, I wanted to try a vacuum stimulator for a long time. But not an ordinary one, familiar to everyone, but some of the category “not like everyone else”. Well what to do, I love all that. And then I had the opportunity to test a novelty toy from Kistoy – Miss UU.

My emotion and admiration knew no bounds when this wonderful box fell into my hands! Looking at it, it is impossible to think that this is an intimate toy! But if you want to give this device, then you won't have to think about packaging: the box looks colorful and gift-giving.

The kit includes the toy itself, USB charging, detailed instructions with pictures (unfortunately, there is no Russian language, but everything is clear from the images) and a silver bag for storing and transporting the device.

The stimulator looks like a cute and playful squirrel. The muzzle of the animal acts as a vacuum stimulator, and the flexible, vibrating tail perfectly adjusts to the anatomical features. The structure of the tail allows you to perfectly massage the G-spot. On the body there is a mirror field with two buttons that are easy to press. The top one controls the tail, the bottom one controls the vacuum. The toy is made of very pleasant silky and high quality silicone. According to the manufacturer, there are two colors, mine is peach. What is great – there are absolutely no seams on the toy, there is nothing that can somehow harm you.

The squirrel is rather miniature, but weighty: total length – 10.5 cm; tail diameter – 3.3 cm; width – 5.1 × 8.7 cm; diameter of the vacuum part – 1.4 cm; weight – 171 grams. The stimulator lies freely in the hand, it is very easy to control it.

Inside is a built-in rechargeable battery. The promised opening time is about 1 hour.

It is important that the toy has protection against moisture and splashes. It can be easily washed under running water, but the manufacturer does not recommend immersing it under water.

The toy is very functional: it is both a simulator of oral sex with a vacuum part and, at the same time, a vibrator. Both modes can work at the same time. The vibration is very powerful, be careful with it! Even at the first stage pleasant sensations can be caught quite quickly. The operation of the motors is quiet. The vacuum stimulation is quite loud, but it is until it touches the skin, then the sound is almost minimal. There are 10 levels of vacuum stimulation, vibration levels are also 10. Each level is gradually increasing, the latter are very powerful. Of course, I recommend starting with the first, the quietest.

The stimulator is activated by a simple press and hold per second. Switching off is performed, as well as switching on, from any mode. A small minus - you cannot return to the previous mode, just scrolling to the end and starting from the beginning.

Let me remind you that a good company for the squirrel in stimulating the G-spot will be a water-based intimate lubricant.

This cute device is very simple to care for: before the first use, thoroughly wash it with soap and wipe it from moisture. After use, you need to wash the toy with mild soap, or treat it with special cleaners for sex toys.

In my opinion, this is a very cool device that will help you get an incredible sensation in a short time. I did not notice any discomfort, pain or discomfort.

By the way, do not think that Squirrel is capable of working only by stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot. No! It is very interesting to use it in pairs: caress the nipples, pass through the erogenous zones with both vacuum and vibration. The reaction of a male or female partner will be unusual, I can guarantee that.

A big plus is the appearance. Few will guess what it is and why it is needed. You don't have to hide toys from Kistoy in the closet, fearing that someone will see and think something wrong.

For the appearance, combined with functionality, I will put a solid five. You can take it!

The stimulant was provided for the test by the wholesale company Astkol-Alpha with the assistance of