Vacuum stimulants. Instructions for smart boys

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Our new author explores the topic of vacuum stimulation for girls on the example of the popular Satisfyer Penguin


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Having talked with sexually-advanced girls, I found out that there is a whole (brave new) world of sex toys that give girls completely unique sensations that no one, even the most inveterate, “cunnilingus” expert can reproduce. I’m talking about clitoral vacuum stimulators: in simple terms, it’s such a suction cup with a motor in a silicone case which is attached to the clitoris and gently pulls it in. The retraction rate can be adjusted. The triumph of sex technology! With this thing the girl quickly brings herself to orgasm and more than once.

For us, boys, this is a great helper and a life hacker, especially in situations where a girl needs to get a long “kiss” to get an orgasm. Even with a great love for cunni (like me), sometimes a moment comes when you really get tired. And the girl seems to be fine, but she also understands that the you can get tired and break off. So, the entire typed sexual rhythm may decline.

So, at this moment, your friend – a vacuum stimulator (with a superhero-theme music in the background) bursts on the stage of the sex show. Here the main question is the point of application (more often, with the handle up): let the girl show and you pick it up. Here you go, gentlemen! This is a big game! No amateurs, only pros! Gently and neatly, but confidently and skillfully, hold the stimulator at the treasured point, you can slightly (literally a millimeter) move it around the clitoris, change the mode / speed – and be sure to monitor the girl's reaction! Let her hand be near to guide you along the right path at any time. The other hand must not be idle! Add some action with fingers in the vagina gently and gradually. Here you have a super show for your girlfriend and her (with high probability) strong orgasm.

The next question is how to choose the best stimulant, because they were invented in countless numbers! Enough for more than one clitoris...

Here, unfortunately, I am not a great expert. I only know that they are purely for the clitoris, and come with the appendage for the vagina, “double trouble”, so to speak. But this is a more advanced level, so far, I have not climbed there: for now, we would have to sort out the clitoris modestly. And fr om those vacuumers that are only for the clitoris, so far, I have only tried Penguin from Satisfyer. The model most promoted and praised by sex bloggers, a must-have for any self-respecting hedonist (simply speaking, just a funny little girl).

Let's immediately clarify a couple of points that the “average boy” might not understand.

1) Why so much attention to the clitoris? Girls want a member inside!

Well, actually yes, but not only after. And so, I do not know if you are aware or not, but most girls get an orgasm precisely from the clitoris (if at all). And now it’s generally accepted by sexologists that the female orgasm is only clitoral, and the rest (the so-called vaginal, anal, squirt) – they happen only because the clitoris is always involved one way or another (it goes a lot into the female body and different zones stimulate it, but that's another story). Be that as it may, yes, dude, the clitoris is the key, turn it (not literally!)

2) Why does she need a toy? I myself can do a good job!

Uh, no, buddy. In 99% of cases, men either don’t do cunni at all, or they do it poorly (even after a couple of trainings from some sex guru). And this is not my opinion. So, the toy, firstly, greatly enriches the pleasure of your partner (and I hope you are a conscious boy, and ended up here for her as well!), And secondly, it will show her that you are a fantastically advanced boy: not only you aren’t afraid of experiments, but you also give some her fun.

3) With this toy I will no longer be needed!

Dude, be a good fellow: develop in sex, study, try, have fun and give pleasure to her, and then no toy. Will replace you and your human warmth.

So, Penguin. Why is everyone praising it so much:

1) First, it is like a hammer: simple and effective. Two buttons, 10 modes. Bring it to the clitoris (hold tight, so as not to fly off!). Press the button. Hello, orgasm! By the way, it’s very convenient that the buttons are two: you can go up and down through the power modes, explore, so to speak, the sensitivity of your girlfriend. Believe me, not many toys have it: it is often possible to change modes in one direction only and then to go back to a the one you liked, you need to go through the whole circle again. Carousel... And here: back and forth, everything is simple.

2) Further, it is convenient to hold: pleasant material (dust and crumbs do not stick) and lies ergonomically in the hand. I say – like a hammer!

3) Price! You and I are savers and we won’t spend a lot of dough on some unknown nonsense! And here a little money and an understandable result. Most devices for this money are much weaker. If suddenly it won’t be liked, it will not be a pity.

4) It’s just pretty! It’s a real “toy”. That is, you naturally “play” with it:

– Well-well, who’ve got here?

– Isn’t it Mr. Penguin?

Well, there’s the scenario... And some of the girls are just crazy about penguins, especially in a “butterfly”.

Of the minuses: it rumbles, but when you press it firmly against the clitoris, it is much quieter, and you will quickly get used to it. It is also possible that a girl needs stronger stimulation, but it is already necessary to take a more serious instrument for bigger money (but remember that dulling the sensitivity of the clitoris by excessive exposure is not very good).

Well, and do not forget to charge it (with a very convenient USB charging), so as not to remain at a crucial moment with a soulless piece of plastic and a silly look.

And for the rest, if you decide to diversify your sex toys collection, and are thinking wh ere to start, then this is one of the first candidates for delivering new sensations to your girlfriend.