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Blogger Alpha | Like adults and her review about a new toy from a new brand and with new technology.


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The most unusual thing in today's review is that its subject has appeared on the market quite recently, and I was doing a test drive, not being sure when exactly Tulip Bloom would present to the public, but still, just in case, I tried to study it just as carefully as any other device.

Brief summary:
– a cross between two popular toys;
– vibrates and tickles with its paws;
– sensor power control module;
– a bag and a silk band as a gift.

I think I won't be mistaken if I say that the Renaissance era began for the sex toy industry five years ago. Since the Womanizer showed the world all the power of vacuum stimulation (and the world gasped in surprise), one after another, new technologies have come to the service of pleasure: teledildonics, mostimulation, oscillation... In the past six months, controllable toys with touch panels have become fashionable. This was more than expected: we have not parted with touchscreens for at least ten years, and the verb “swipe”, that is, view profiles in Tinder, has already firmly established itself in the vocabulary of sexually active people.

The Dutch company EDC Wholesale started as a regular sex shop, grew into a large supplier, and not so long ago has begun to produce its own lines of sex toys. The Bloom brand is, in fact, one of these lines, and its distinctive feature has just become a newfangled swipe control. The name “bloom” is suggestive and all four toys included in the collection have flower names: Orchid, Rose, Violet, Tulip. I got the Tulip.

How did I get it?

Sexshopers.ru sent me the Tulip for an honest review.

What is in the box?

A plump box in pastel colors and with delicate flower patterns (orchid, rose, violet, tulip) opens unusually – it swings open in half, like a book. This, surprisingly, is convenient: in the block on the left, the toy itself rests under a transparent window, and on the right its accessories lie in a stack: a charging wire, a brochure with a manual, a satin sky-blue bag and, in a separate box, a gift – a meter tape for blindfolding or binding hands. It is also sky blue. In my humble opinion, everything is done elegantly and with great taste.

Basic information

The Tulip is clearly an offspring of two popular toy types: a tooth-like clitoral stimulator with two legs (like We-Vibe's Gala) and a versatile petal stimulator (like Fun Factory's Volta). At the same time, the Tulip is more compact and ergonomically curved, and therefore much more comfortable in the hand. The toy is made of white ABS plastic and an absolutely seamless silicone of a complex gray-blue hue. The device itself is splash-proof, that is, it is only possible to immerse its molded silicone paws under a stream of water, which just require increased efforts during washing. Water and soap are enough to clean the Tulip, but a soft piece of cloth will not harm.

At maximum power, the device will work for an honest 45 minutes. The lithium-ion battery will recover in 70 minutes of charging from the USB cable with a pin. You will understand the end of the charging cycle by the fact that the touch panel stopped flashing in different colors and turned on with an even yellow light.

Dimensions: height – 12 cm, width – 4 cm. Weight – 75 g.


The Tulip control unit consists of a convex button and a touch panel in the form of a branch: the first turns the toy on and off, and also switches vibration modes, the second regulates the power. If it is easy to feel the button with your eyes closed (or blindfolded!). Then in order to “squeeze” the power, you have to touch along the device almost at random. Each power has its own color: on the weakest panel it lights up red, then green, blue, yellow and finally pink. However, you can only notice this when using it in the dark or on another person. There is no lock button, the touch module reacts to stroking only when the device is turned on.

There is only one motor in Tulip, near the forked edge, but this does not prevent the toy from providing two types of stimulation at once: the body vibrates, the pointed ears flutter in the air. True, it cannot be said that both applications were equivalent – if the good old vibration does not fail, then the trembling tips are too close, they have too small an amplitude of motion, and therefore their effect is too concentrated. In addition, the narrow slit makes it difficult to position the paws on both sides of the clitoris or nipple if your nipple or clitoris is not the smallest. But, if you are satisfied with the relatively wide stimulation with the back of the vibrator, and with fluttering tips you start teasing, say, the earlobes or the inner side of the thighs, then you will become quite friends with the Tulip.

There are five modes: one – even vibration, four – patterns. Together with five power levels, we get twenty-five options, from which you can choose the one that suits you, and not get too confused. And when you turn off Tulip remembers the last set, so you don't have to set it up again.

Alas, like all new technologies, the Tulip's touch controls have an unpleasant side effect. Its main problem is not to touch the touch panel while using the toy, because careless touching can switch the power. You have to either firmly hold the gadget with your whole palm and not let it slide on the skin, or, on the contrary, hold it with your fingers without touching the sensor. Yes, you can get used to this feature, but most of us perhaps still want to be able to turn off our heads at least during masturbation.

The vibrator has an average noise level. The manual prudently states that the operating volume can reach 52 dB – this is true: at maximum power the toy gives out a little less than 50 dB, and at minimum power it makes 20-30 dB noise (measured using the Sound Meter mobile app). Quite tolerable values for those who have no one with a sharp hearing outside the bedroom door.

Who it is for

The Tulip should appeal to undemanding people who are not looking for a quiet, especially powerful, or multifunctional toy, but do not mind adding a little variety to their sex life.

It is unlikely to suit those who want a delicate vibrant impact or looking for an ultra-modern and at the same time flawless gadget.


Nice, but slightly underdeveloped attempt to create something new.