Trio by Hot Planet

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Toys of which brand the new collection from Hot Planet can compete with, the author of the Telegram channel “Tirelessly!” Anastasia Kurshankova will tell us.


Text and photo: Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

Hot Planet has a new line – charming little powdery – Pink vibrators of various shapes, the appearance of which in no way gives out its function. The collection includes a rabbit vibrator, a G-zone toy, a compact clitoris stimulator and several multifunctional models. I chose three of the most interesting: the eared cutie Reba with two motors, the Bonnie bear and the flexible ribbed sloth Balle.

All three are covered in an impressive layer of soft, silky, seamless silicone that is a pleasure to touch! The base of the toys is flat and made of acrylic, there are LEDs that change color when the vibration mode is changed. I liked this feature of the entire new Hot Planet collection – it looks cool, especially in the dark.

The filling is also pleasing: the motors are powerful, low-frequency and penetrating. Honestly, I didn't even expect this from budget toys, it's nice! Most of all, this collection reminded me of ImToy vibrators – both silky surface and quality. And when the price difference is three times, the choice is obvious, and it is definitely in favor of Hot Planet.

By functionality: all toys are water resistant. That is, they are not afraid of splashing water. For example, you can take devices in the shower, but you should not immerse them in the bathtub. Rechargeable toys: charger with magnetic contacts. Control – from one button, holding it for a few seconds or switching with short presses, you can turn it on/off/change modes and power.

Thanks to its shape, size and flexibility, Reba, Bonnie and Balle can be used for stimulation both outside and inside. They will be a great addition to partner sex or masturbation. As the first toys – a great choice! By the way, all Hot Planet devices have a 2-year warranty, and if something happens to the vibrator, it will be replaced.

The devices were provided to the blogger for a test by the online store.