Toys for Mutual Masturbation

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Sex blogger Maria Chesnokova has made a selection of toys that help you get a qualitatively new pairing experience.


Text: © Maria Chesnokova

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– Masha, what is the right way to do mutual masturbation?

I really do not like the word “right”, because we are all different, and the word “right” does not exist. By this I mean that both partners masturbate or as it is now common to call “do selfsex”, being in the same room, taking turns or at the same time (or online, if you are in different countries). You can do it with your hands or with the help of toys, you can add exciting conversations or something else to your taste. You can touch each other, but it should not be distracting, and should not escalate into full sex.

I have not masturbated with my hands for a very long time, simply because I am lazy. For me, it's like switching to manual coffee grinder after trying the electric one, everything works, but I'm not ready to spend so much time and strain my hands.

If you're not sure what to choose, here is my selection of toys that can be used in mutual masturbation.

For people with vagina.

The Womanizer Liberty is a vacuum stimulation baby from Womanizer, ideal for those who want to introduce their clitoris to a new type of stimulation. And if you don't like stimulation, the toy can be returned to the manufacturer (!). This compact vacuum cleaner, like other similar toys, is famous for the fact that it leads to orgasm quickly. If you want to prolong the process, you can delay the orgasm in several ways: change the mode right before orgasm, or remove the toy. Suitable for girls with medium and low sensitivity.

Svakom Ella is a vibrating egg for those who love vaginal stimulation. It can be remotely controlled using the app (and transfer control to a partner). If you don't like internal stimulation, you can always use the toy as a clitoral stimulator.

Svakom Vesper is a rabbit vibrator with double stimulation for simultaneous action on the clitoris and vagina. Its main feature is the ability to heat up to 38 degrees. It does not have a handle and therefore it is convenient to be controlled with your hips while sitting on a pillow, for example. Feels and shape is similar to Nova, only it is 2 times cheaper.

For people with a penis

The Quickshot open masturbator is good and in the future, it is great to combine it with a blowjob, and it allows you to make the effect of a deepthroat technique without immersion.

The Tenga Spiral Masturbator is one of the coolest masturbators on the market. Gives a sucking, rolling sensation. I advise you to start your acquaintance with the Tenga brand with this particular model.

Vibro-Masturbator Satisfyer – not all men enjoy vibration as the primary stimulation, but if you are sure that vibration is for you, try this thing. And it is perfect for pair sex – if it is not suitable for a penis, then you will definitely find a use for the clitoris. The vibration is very good and the device looks great.

For mutual usage

Svakom Julie and We-Vibe Ditto are my favorites in the world of remote control butt plugs. Strong vibration, suitable for M and F, can be elegantly combined with vacuum stimulators, and does not interfere with couple sex. Plus, you can give control of the toy to your partner. It also adds a lot of sensations!

YESforLOV Couples Elixir – the energizing gel for couples is applied to the clitoris and penis, increases blood flow to the pelvic organs and the sensations become brighter. Important – this is not a lubricant! First, apply the elixir, wait until it is absorbed, then apply a lubricant.

Shunga Dragon is also an energizing cream for couples, the effect of alternating heat and cold is felt. Let me remind you that all people are unique, the cream gives a feeling that can vary greatly from one person to another. Some will have a strong cool effect, some will be too weak, and some will not work at all. Unfortunately, there is no way to know in advance. Just try it.

Swiss Navy All-Natural Lubricant – Any masturbation with lubrication becomes more pleasant. Try it! This is my favorite lubricant! It has a neutral sweetish taste, it is gentle to the vaginal microflora and is ideally combined with oral sex. Compatible with toys and condoms.