Total Ecstasy – three toys in one

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Why BDSM lovers will love this Pipedream toy.


Text: Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

This unusual purple device – triple vibrator Total Ecstasy from Pipedream. It is rechargeable, equipped with three motors at once, and for greater convenience it has a control panel. I've never had anything like it! Let's try it, it looks very promising!

Total Ectasy is three toys combined into one: a butt plug, a vibrator and a clitoris stimulator. The body is covered with a pleasant smooth silicone (not a single seam!). There is a button on the plastic panel at the base of the device.

What's cool is that this whole futuristic structure is not solid but bends, so it is not difficult to insert both the plug and the vibrator inside (of course, provided that the diameter and length of the vaginal part and the plug are comfortable – this is an important point). Here are the parameters of Total Ecstasy: vibrator diameter – 3.5 cm at the widest part, length – 11.8 cm; anal plug diameter – 3.1 cm, length – 7.1 cm.

The clitoral part is wide and comfortable, with a raised protrusion inside, vibration is perfectly transmitted throughout its entire area. You can press it harder for more active stimulation, on the contrary, pushing it back, moving it to the left or right is easy!

The motor is not super powerful, but good, and due to the fact that all parts of the toy vibrate at the same time, it feels very impressive. It seems to me that the device will perfectly fit in BDSM games: it is perfectly fixed inside, without interfering with movement, and the dominant side can take the remote control.

Total Ectasy was submitted to the blogger for a test by the online store Lovemarket.