TOP 5 Stress Relievers

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The author of the Telegram channel “Tirelessly!” shared with us her top 5 favorite means to properly relax and focus on sensations.


Text: Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

Shunga Lovebath is a bath set that turns water into jelly. In a black glossy box there are two sachets: one is an activator with the help of which all the magic happens, and another with powder that returns the water to its normal state. The activator is similar to bath salt; when it mixes with water, its grains turn into thousands of small sparkling jelly balls, and it all smells delicious! It cools down very slowly, so you can enjoy such a bath for about forty minutes or an hour.

Massage candle YesForLov – the best thing I tried: the most amazing smell (complex, expensive, envelops the room and then holds for a long time on the skin). It has, for my taste, the most pleasant oil texture – not too liquid, not greasy but just right. Adorable!

Another set from Shunga offers a real tactile adventure: a body massage. The package contains a large golden waterproof sheet, which you need to put on the floor and make sides (for example, from rolled towels), prepare a massage gel (mix the contents of the sachets with water) and enjoy sliding. Inexpressible feelings!

The Dona massage set consists of three small bottles of oil with different scents (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry). It is not sticky or greasy at all, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and, according to the manufacturer, is edible, that is, you can kiss and lick your partner's skin. At the same time, the oil has no taste, only a smell. The mini format is convenient to take along, and the trio of bottles in the box looks cute and can be a nice gift.

Well, and the exciting Swiss Navy sensual gel. I included it in this collection as the most versatile, neutral in a good sense (there are more powerful tools, but not everyone likes them) and invariably giving the desired effect. Sensitivity rises to the skies!