The perfect “rabbit” Nova2

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Arina Vintovkina is telling us why she did not fall in love with the first version of the vibrator from We-Vibe, and why its latest novelty is surprisingly good.


© Arina Vintovkina

Russian version

But at first the story.

So, four years ago I saw Nova which had just been released and fell in love with it. Judging by the description and its characteristics, it should have become my “perfect rabbit”. But it didn't.

But why?

My disappointment was so deep that it lay like a concrete slab on my heart. To all my colleagues – well, really, I don't remember who didn't like it – Nova was great, but not for me. Well, yes, it was difficult to get rid of the thought that it was the device was wrong but there was something wrong with me.

The moral, even two, of this paragraph are as follows:
1) no matter what, judging by the reviews, universal and cool device is, there is always a speculative chance that it will not fit your personal anatomy; bad luck, and this happens to sex bloggers;
2) it is easier to ascribe non-consistency to yourself than to a piece of silicone with a motor; and sex bloggers are not an exception, sometimes we do it too.

Imagine my jubilation when I heard that Nova2 is coming out – the concept is the same, but the device itself has been refined to perfection in a number of technical aspects!

Firstly, for me personally, it meant recognition of the fact that the first version was not_ideal, and even the manufacturer realized this (victoriously waving my thong and shouting: “I knew it! I knew it!”)

Secondly, there is a chance that my relationship with the new Nova will work out. And – spoiler – they came together!

Exactly what seemed to me not OK in the first model, We-Vibe was removed / improved in the new one.

What makes Nova2 so beautiful

A clitoral process is that of Nova: flexible, donut-like which changes shape with use, but constantly remains in contact with the vulva – no one else has it! This is a unique feature. And the funny thing is that by moving the toy back and forth, the process twists and straightens and, accordingly, the vulva and the head of the clitoris are stimulated either by the flat part or by the tip (in Nova2 it was made softer than in the first version of the toy). But the sensations are different. Vibration, pressure, friction – in short, a whole orchestra of impressions.

In addition to the versatility of impact, this scion makes Nova a super-adaptive rabbit. And the most common problem is when the head of the clitoris is set too high, and the process simply does not reach it. This is no longer the case. The process is pressed and slides between the labia, while vibrating along its length. Clitoris is high or low – no difference. Attention will be paid.

The immersive part of Nova2 bends (!) at the base and is well fixed in the selected position. This means that the shaft can be straightened so that the stimulation arrives at the back wall. You can bend it so that it actually presses against the clitoral part and then the front wall will be blessed. This is something that none of the “best-selling rabbits” I know before has (like Miss BITiger, etc.).

Also, the immersive part of the Nova 2 got a little better. That is, it is slightly wider at the base, and the very end of the toy, which flies onto the front wall, is “grew” with an additional layer of silicone. The old Nova was rather asthenic, and the new one was of normal human build. The feeling of fullness at the entrance inside is very expressive. By the way: the barrel of the device is solid, so Nova2 is quite a suitable option for targeted squirting stimulation. Experiment with the insertion angle and intensity and you may have some pleasant surprises. And pleasant sensations are definitely waiting for you! Nova2 gives some kind of enchanting, maximum filling – all zones are turned on, both inside and outside.

There is a special button on the body of the toy that conducts the work of the submerged part and the clitoral part. You can turn on vibration only on the clitoris, or only inside, or on both parts simultaneously. Or you can (and I strongly advise it!) not to get stuck on one most familiar / pleasant option, but to jump fr om one to another.

Firstly, this is how those zones of the vulva and vagina which are usually used to stay idle are included in the work: and the zone wh ere your sensitivity is stronger (that zone is behind the scenes) takes over the part of the first violin, drowning out all the others.

Secondly, there is no feeling of overstimulation: a monotonous effect on one area often turns into the fact that at some point it seems to go numb – this is the time to change the disposition.

Thirdly, it is a pleasure to train in the “bridge” technique with such a device, as though it is specially created for this.

There are “+” and “–“ buttons. And that means that each of the modes – and Nova2 has 10 of them (+ a bunch more, if you connect the toy to the We-Connect app) can be customized in intensity. Plus a few points for adaptability!

Yes, like all toys of the We-Vibe brand, Nova2 can be controlled not only from the buttons on the case, but also via a smartphone. Download the free We-Connect application to your phone, “make it friends” with the device – and you will have a lot of additional functions.

More of the advantages

Nova2 is infinitely elegant, quiet, 100% water proof. There is a key lock function (a necessary thing for travel). Includes satin storage pouch and magnetic charger. The charge, by the way, lasts for a long time.

From the non-obvious things- Nova2 may be useful for men either. If you twist the clitoral part more tightly into a ring and add some lubricant, the device can be used as a masturbator. Not all men get vibration as a type of stimulation (very unusual sensations), but you can experiment.

 Who will NOT like Nova2

People with high sensitivity. Despite the fact that each mode can be adjusted – “stronger” / “quieter”, this device is more likely for people with medium and low sensitivity. For absolute sissies, I'm afraid Nova2 will be too harsh. Plus, the barrel of the submerged part is quite solid.

People with a sensitive zone located deeper. The submerged part itself is not gigantic. The clitoral is of such a specific shape that it is hardly possible to drive the toy inside very deep.