The indispensable pleasure box

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What is included in the set for pleasures from YESforLOV and what thing from it bring the greatest pleasure? Find out in the review of the author of the telegram channel “Tirelessly!”


© Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

The set from YESforLOV includes a black satin bandage for fixing or blindfinding, a fluffy feather, a cherry-scented body pencil, a double-sided coin, a moisturizing lubricant, wet wipes, massage oil, a set of colorless marker and an ultraviolet flashlight – leave a secret messages on the body, and a sensation-enhancing gel for women. So, I'll start with it!

All exciting gels, as a rule, work by the same principle: they contain substances that cause a rush of blood to the site of application (essential oils, arginine), and thereby greatly enhance the sensations.

YESforLOV gel has the most convenient tube of all that I have come across: at the tip of the nozzle there are special silicone protrusions, with which you can rub the gel into the skin, gently massaging it (so it will begin to act faster and more intensely). Just a drop is needed, so a volume of 10 ml will be enough for a very long time!

Thanks to the mint oil in the composition, the effect is felt immediately: hypersensitivity, a feeling of warmth and growing excitement, and all these lasts about thirty or forty minutes as it seemed to me (and to be honest, at some point it was even too much).

The most interesting thing in the box is a set for playing SECRET MESSAGES on each other's bodies: a colorless marker and an ultraviolet flashlight, in the light of which the written words becomes visible. I have never seen anything like this from any brand other than YESforLOV and I am truly delighted!

As for a pair of sachets with lubricant and a pair of wipes for intimate hygiene, this is just a convenient travel format. The bottle of the most luxurious perfumed massage oil is not so small, by the way. Everything else – the tickler, the satin eye patch, the cherry-flavored pencil and the coin are very stylish, black and white with gold, and inspires to experiment!