The art of male masturbation. Not just a fist!

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How much do you know about how man masturbate? Our author, sex blogger Mitya seems to have tested all possible methods and shared them with readers.



Russian version

Guys, away with boring masturbation! Even this routine can be fun and creative, with the development of sensitivity, libido and knowledge about yourself, which can then be passed to your partner.

And you girls can greatly brighten up the masturbation of your men when you are not around. I’ll tell you how.

Recently I’ve been given for a test a Bucked Smokey Wrangler masturbation cream (from System Jo) – water-based, with the smell of tanned leather – exquisite! Thick oily texture – the hand glides perfectly. Contains coconut and vitamin E – you will delight yourself and moisturize your penis! Quote from the package: “the smell of leather will remind you of the sensations of hot sex on a real ranch” (well, we went through all this, only there were horses around). Price – a little more than 1000 rubles. Ask in the shops of the city.

They also gave me a BONERS cock ring. It costs about a thousand rubles, looks stylish, cool packaging, nice silicone – but there was not much effect, well, you put it on and that’s all. Maybe if I had a thicker penis, the compression effect would be stronger (inner diameter of the ring 3.2 cm). Rings with vibration, as for me, are much cooler – I reviewed them earlier.

Egg masturbators are great. I started my journey with the Tenga silicone egg (this Japanese company is actually the world leader in auto-sex devices). It’s cheap (500-700 rubles), simple and effective. The walls are quite thin – the penis feels well, it is only the head that is stimulated (the egg does not stretch further), a pleasant ending comes quickly. Wash it and use it as much as you want (although they write that it is disposable).

Recently, they have sent me an analogue – Happy Eggs (Russia) – a silicone cylinder with an entrance in the form of a small vulva. At first, I thought it wouldn't fit, no, it stretches normally. There are different reliefs inside – you will find out when you open it. But honestly, I didn't get it. Because the penis goes through (unlike the closed-type Tenga egg) and you just sit and hold on to the silicone “collar”, so thick that you can't even feel the penis in your hand. But they cost 800 rubles, so try it – maybe it will suit you.

Sex shops have a huge assortment of the coolest masturbators. I have discovered them recently, opened the boxes and do not close them anymore. I hardly touch my penis with my hands! These are silicone covers of different shapes, with different reliefs inside, which are stretched over the penis with lubrication – so say hello to new sensations!

I started with Tenga Air-Tech and I'll tell you – this is a bang (especially for meager 800 rubles)! I went nuts the first time. Girls, feel free to give it to your friends! It fits tightly on the penis and holds it tightly, since the silicone remains in the plastic case. And if you also clamp the air hole from above, you get the effect of such a blowjob, which a rare woman can perform!

I also tried a more serious masturbator – Tenga Spinner. In general, according to the description, appearance and price (about three thousand rubles), the thing is cool. A clear plastic cone (looks like a deodorant on the outside, good camouflage), inside – an elastomer cylinder (like silicone), which has a pimpled relief and a rigid spiral of 3 types (varying degrees of impact), which, when masturbating, should twist around the penis, spinning you to orgasm.

In fact, the spiral does not really spin, because acceleration is not enough for it (the entire cone is the size of a penis, and if you lift it too high along the trunk, it just gets off). The masturbator simply rubs the penis with the ribs of the spiral up and down.

So, imagine: in 2 weeks of trying, I never finished with him! My theory: the feeling of grasping a rigid spiral is too strange – my brain does not bring it to orgasm. Here I am such a sensitive nature! But I am sure that many people will get this thing. I would really like you to try.

By the way, a separate story is the Tenga brand lubricant (a probe included) – what a blast it is! A viscous, liquid texture – it is poured inside and creates an excellent sliding and a juicy, squelching sound – as in the best traditions of a live blowjob! If I see it in the store, I will definitely buy it.

They also sent me another sample for a jerkoff-test – this time it is Sono (Stroker # 70) from Dutch adult giant Shots Media (I googled – they have one of the largest assortments I've seen). It looks like a C grade for garlic – a cheap box and a plastic pencil case, in which there is a strange elastomer construction of 3 connected balls. But it is thanks to this alternation of wide and narrow places and the ribbed inner wall that an awesome stimulation effect is created from the base to the head. In addition, the tip stretches perfectly and lies quite nicely in the hand, and not very thick walls allow you to feel well. So, don't judge by the cover. I was pleasantly surprised by the effect of the masturbator and “my best friend” too – there were no misfires and Sono took its well-deserved place on the edge of my jerk- off shelf (so that it is always at hand, you know) Price – about 1500 rubles (with such a price, the packaging could definitely be better) – 100% worth the money! And when you find it, check out other models of this company – they look very intriguing. I'm not hinting at anything, but I would try them all!

That's what we can say about masturbation. You can do it the boring way – into your fist but you can have fun – with cool devices. Personally, I set out to get a large collection. So that every handjob is like a celebration!

The editors would like to thank the S-Market company and the Lavka Freida for the masturbators and lubricants provided for the test.