Test drive We-Vibe Chorus by Maria Chesnokova

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The sex blogger tells us how her device maker surprised her and whether she managed to use the toy the way We-Vibe intended.


© Maria Chesnokova

Russian version

It seems that with this model We-Vibe decided to directly assault the hearts of their customers. It feels like they took a large checklist with a wide variety of consumer Wishlist and managed to stuff every item into their toy. Beautiful colors? Here you are – two classic pink and blue hues with deep purple. Nice stuff? Have the cool touch silicone. Convenient sizes and shapes? We have them, and they even easily adapt to different parameters using a custom form. You want to use it with a partner? Easy! Chorus was specially created for pairs. You want some solo play? Yes, no problem, we also do well with masturbation toys. Do you like to play in the water? We are 100% waterproof. Contactless charging? We also came up with a convenient charging station. And it can be a storage case, yes! What kind of control do you like? We can offer you a good choice – you control it with the buttons fr om the vibrator itself, or use the buttons on the remote control, you can squeeze the RC, and, of course, we have not forgotten about the We-Connect mobile application – you can even play with each other from different parts of the planet. A lot of different vibrations? There you go, as many as ten modes and each of them can be customized. First thought: “It is some kind of Cornucopia!”. But is it really? Let's get it right.


It’s definitely worth starting with the aesthetic orgasm that I experienced from the design of the box and the device itself. Everything looks very concise, organically fits into the design, and if you prefer to store your toys in factory boxes, then you will not be ashamed to store such a thing even in conspicuous places. The box is easy to open with just one hand: it closes on magnetic locks (here I heard a grateful sigh of sex bloggers around the world who are tired to open boxes with one hand while shooting Instagram stories). Inside there the toy itself, the remote control, the charging station-case, the USB cable for connecting the station to a power outlet, the manual and a small testing package of We-Vibe Lube water-based lubricant (be sure to use only water-based lubricants with this toy, so as not to spoil the silicone coating of Chorus).

How to use it

All pins work according to the following principle: one part of the toy is inserted into the vagina and lies on the front wall in near the G-spot and the second part lies on the outside, on the clitoris. In double penetration sex, the partner inserts the penis inside, and the presence of the pin reinforces the feeling of fullness inside, and vibration increases the chances of an orgasm, as it directly affects the clitoris. For a partner with a penis, at the same time, vibration can also become an additional pleasant stimulation. In this regard, Chorus emphasizes the ability to adapt to different parameters of the body: it can bend in two directions, at times thus increasing the number of people to whom this device is suitable. At the same time, the toy, even in working condition, keeps itself inside without the help of hands. Both adjacent sides – the side that is inserted inward and the one that lies on top of the clitoris – have quite noticeable ribbing. This will add to some sensations during stimulation, but for people with sensitive mucous membranes in the vagina, such ribs can cause discomfort.

You can control the toy in three different ways.

Method 1 – with the button on the device itself, changing the vibration pattern in a circle with one intensity. It’s convenient if you’ve already set the intensity for yourself and don’t want to be distracted by remotes and phones during sex, but just want to change the vibration format.

Method 2 – with the remote control. On the remote itself there are two buttons for switching patterns (no more “extra circles” if you accidentally missed the desired mode!) And two buttons for increasing and decreasing the intensity of vibration. The buttons are palpable, easy to feel even in the dark (but in fact, there are backlighting anyway), the shape of each button is different from each other, and you won’t mix them up to - it’s very convenient. Very! Another special button puts the remote control in the Squeeze control mode – the compression control, when the grip and compression forces of the remote control are directly correlated to the vibration force. In other words, the more you squeeze the remote, the more the Chorus vibrates. And it was this function that made my jaw fall to the floor when I first heard about this device. “This is the gigantic breakthrough that we all have been waiting for,” I thought, “here it is, something that all the toys lacked!”

Indeed, almost all of us, during masturbation or penetrating sex with the use of toys, faced with a situation wh ere the orgasm is already rolling up, the head is already hazy, our hands don’t listen much, but you desperately want to increase the vibration or get some kind of a rhythm. And surely everyone had cases when these manipulations with intensity and rhythm did not work out, and the orgasm did not turn out as bright as it could, or, in bad cases, never happened. All this fuss with buttons and modes is poorly compatible with orgasmic states, and before orgasm we are characterized by muscle tension, squeezing hands; and after all it is so natural – to convert the force of compression of the panel into the force of vibration!

But in fact, this function leaves much to be desired. The toy is not willing to respond to compression and sooner or later this function begins to resemble games with an expander. Using the buttons to increase and decrease the vibration force, you can adjust the minimum level of vibration that you need, but in general you have the feeling that the toy reads only really strong compressions. It’s easy to turn on the maximum speed, but smoothly adjusting the vibration for yourself is difficult. Lifehack: if the remote control starts to get irresponsive, change the batteries. In my case they were the cause.

Method 3 – through the We-Connect application on your phone. The same application allows you to connect your partner to games with Chorus from anywhere in the world, and this is also amazing - your partner can play with you even when one of you are on vacation, business trip or, more importantly, isolated during the quarantine. Moreover, it can be turned into piquant games about transferring control of your orgasms to another person or even into games in public places. And the partners rejoice and enjoy such games! Of course, they do – they are given the key to your orgasms!

In the same application, you can create and record a pattern yourself, for example, combine the patterns you like and forget about buttons and touches in general. The application is worthy of a separate mention: it is constantly updated, and it is getting better and better. Buying We-Vibe and not using the application is like buying an expensive car and not understanding why all these buttons on the dashboard are needed.

We-Vibe Chorus is actively promoting itself in the market of sex devices as an ideal toy for a couple, able to anatomically adapt to any person. It is very important to understand that this is not so. Absolutely any toy, no matter how it bends and adjusts, may still not fit anatomically. And for pair sex, it is only suitable if, during penetrating sex without a toy, you do not feel fullness. Those who have a narrow vagina and especially when your partner has a with a sensitive penis you might not like this toy. With me it was so: the partner immediately began to rub on the hard base of the toy, and, in addition, with the inserted penis, the toy began to move strongly from the clitoris, and it did not work out no matter how we folded the pin. But during the solo plays, both independently and when my partner was using the RC, Chorus can give a cool experience.


The toy is very good for solo use: it is comfortable to wear, it does not fall out, unlike previous models of “pegs”, it gives deep feelings inside and on the clitoris, it is suitable for practicing the “bridge” technique. If during masturbation you do not need any frictional movements, then the device is well for you. For pair use you need to have a special anatomy, and, as it was not only in my experience, but also my subscribers, show this, it happens extremely rarely. In my opinion, the ability to remotely control partner’s orgasms is a much more valuable function than the possibility of penetrative pair sex, which promotes the brand. Let’s already understand that sex is not only about inserting, but much more, and it’s not necessary to reduce everything to this.

Unlike the previous model, Chorus bends well and does not fall out when walking, which means it is also a modern replacement for a vibro-egg.