Test drive the “Julie” anal stimulator from Svakom

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Sex coach and blogger LaPollett has prepared a review on a toy of the type that, in her opinion, is not much favored by other sex bloggers.


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We are talking about an anal stimulator, namely, about “Julie” fr om the American brand “Svakom”.

As a practicing sex coach, I have long been preoccupied with revealing the main erogenic points of a woman and once the turn came to the “Point K”.

This point is a small and incredibly useful assistant in getting an orgasm through anal stimulation or anal sex. It is located directly opposite zone G on the rectovaginal septum, and, despite the fact that it is a through one, it receives the best stimulation (as a result, opening) from the anal side.

Neglecting it it means depriving yourself of the brightest and most incredible orgasms, because unlike the clitoris, which has about 8 thousand nerve endings, it has 72 thousand!

Stimulation of the point K is reached best with the help of vibration plugs, because they are physiologically bent and provide pinpoint pulsation wh ere the usual anal plug simply stays in place. That was Julie 's first advantage for me.

The next plus was the presence of a remote control. That is, I do not simply adjust the intensity and vibration pattern myself, but also introduce an element of novelty and thrill into sexual games by simply passing the control panel to my partner.

The combination of anal stimulation and classic sex are good not only as an external stimulus to most nerve endings, but also as an embodiment of the fantasy of sex with two partners at once. And at the same time, there are no unpleasant consequences in the form of triangular relationships, awkwardness after sex and tensions with the main partner – not at all! Well, isn't it a lifesaver? The helper-plug indeed.

By the way, the manufacturer characterizes the toy also as a prostate stimulator for men. The idea is cool, but you cannot use one toy for two, so you have to buy two toys.

Even soaping the for 15 minutes will not help you get rid of microorganisms that not only live in the human intestines, but are also behave extremely unfriendly when another person enters your body.

A slightly tapered head helps to easily insert the toy. It works with the help of a convenient remote control, and on the toy’s side there is a transmitter that is activated by pressing the button on the device itself. When you do that, the brand name of Svakom will light up on the device, and the vibration will immediately begin. In general, you can use the plug without the remote control by pressing the button on it, but it is technically difficult during frictions. In addition, this will allow you to adjust the power only in direct order. If you want to slightly reduce vibration, it will be impossible to do this without a remote control. But you can change the types of vibrations without using the remote control – just double-click the “S” button on the device to do this. By the way, in the exactly the same way you can activate the mode of intelligent selection of vibrations on the control panel: the device seems to understand which vibration pattern you need right now, and there are plenty of variants: there are waves, pulses, and the Morse Code and even something like the SOS cry – long and short vibrations.

The plug is suitable for long-term use, as over time the body will get used to quiet vibration and will require stronger ones, as provided by the manufacturer. Five speeds and six modes will make this toy your favorite in the bedroom!

Made of medical silicone, the material does not cause allergies and is pleasant to the touch. The plug is compatible only with water-based anal lubricants, as oil and silicone can damage the material. Lubrication must be used necessarily, this is an indispensable rule for using toys, but it must be cleaned with warm water and soap and treated with an antiseptic (a special cleaner for toys consists not only of chlorhexidine, but also a number of special components that care for the silicone coating, which will allow the toy to serve you for years).

For fans of accuracy – the composition of the package:

- Julie vibration plug;
- remote control;
- spare battery for the control panel;
- USB charger for the device;
- 1-year warranty card;
- user manual with a detailed description of all modes and levels of vibration;
- safety manual;
- advertising flyer with all the necessary information (in English);
- velvet pouch for storing toys;
- a luxurious black box emphasizing the style and class of the product.

Some numbers:

- 5 levels of vibration intensity (from 30 to 100%);
- 6 vibration modes (minimal, standard, caressing, instant joy, intense joy (plateau), orgasm);
- 2 colors: purple / black;
- dimensions: 28 × 102 mm;
- weight: 72 g;
- charging time: 1 hour;
- time of continuous work: 3 hours;
- battery capacity: 300 hours of operation.

And for dessert:

- 100% water resistance;
- coated with ultra-soft silicone;
- lithium battery.

I don’t know what else needs to be written so that you understand how cool this thing is and how it helps to diversify your sex life (a very important aspect in the “lived happily ever after” business), but I ’ll note that if a girl didn’t know how to squirt, but really wanted to learn – with Julie from Svakom it will be easier to do, but for those who already know their body and know how to focus, it will give a gushing effect.