Test drive Svakom Cici Violet

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Blogger Nezabudochka 18+ talked about stimulating the G-spot with a thin vibrator from Svakom.


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I like being a woman. I am beautiful, tender, sensitive. It's interesting for me to experience different things and practices.

I had mixed feelings about Svakom Cici Violet: fr om distrust to curiosity, from sympathy to irony. Strangely enough: being thin and short it is designed for fondling the G-spot.

Vaginal stimulation is, in many ways, a new experience for me. This most mysterious point G (or "G zone", according to some sources) have I studied quite recently, and the info is doubtful: as well as all studies regarding the “invention” of Grafenberg.

He himself argued that this concentration of nerve endings on the anterior wall of the vagina behind the pubic bone and urethra is almost an analogue of the prostate gland in men. With a sleight of hand of specialists, the “Grafenberg’s point” was called the “G spot” (after the first letter of the surname), and since then disputes have not subsided. It is argued that this is generally a myth, as well as the notorious vaginal orgasm (an illusion invented to justify the need for penetration in sex).

They say that the notorious G-zone is just the inside of the clitoris, which is why its stimulation is so pleasant. And therefore, those women whose clitoris is properly positioned have an orgasm from penetrative sex. It is believed that it is the stimulation of the G-spot that leads to squirting. Someone even try to enlarge this G-spot with hyaluronic fillers.

It is only certain that:

1) the walls of the vagina in many women are insensitive;

2) there are women who enjoy the stimulation of the vaginal walls.

Not much. But I like experimenting.

Svakom Cici Violet is a tactilely pleasant thin silicone cylinder with a ribbed and movable nub at the end and a button that makes it vibrate in five different ways.

The instructions for vibration modes are funny: normal mode, as well as “caressing”, “joy”, “excitement” and “enthusiasm” modes. Personally, me and my nonexistent G-spot did not notice much difference between them. The main thing was to find a point of application of efforts.

It helped a lot that the diameter of Svakom Cici Violet is small: this allows you to achieve a sliding effect, especially with lubrication. And the ribbed head can change the angle of inclination: thus, it is easy to press it wh ere needed.

Therefore, I don’t know what I have here: an illusion, a nerve ending or the "underwater part" of the clitoris, but there is a sensitive area on the front wall of the vagina. And after 15-20 minutes I found this zone with the help of the device. With my man's fingers, it shows itself in 20 seconds.

But as soon as you feel it – a thrill: that very pre-squirt sweet-viscous-smeared sensation. And the eyes roll. The main thing is not to come off and not to stop.

In general, I would recommend the device to those women who still vaguely understand their own reactions. The sensations are pleasant even if you do not grope, but if you do, it will be cool!

So, open up and find another you.