Test Drive of Satisfyer’s Sweet Treat "Ice Cream"

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Sex blogger Sasha Gentle got acquainted closely with one of this year’s new products from Satisfyer. It should be noted that at almost all events where the company presented this cute toy, it aroused great interest.



© Sasha Gentle (Laskovaja)

This year Satisfyer presented a lot of new products and one of them got into my greedy hands. This is Sweet Treat ice cream (by the way, I have not seen a single review on it yet).

Basic characteristics

Material: silicone, ABS plastic.
Number of motors: 3.
Charging time 1.5 hours, continuous use 50 minutes.

Type of charging: magnetic. The kit includes instructions and a charging cable.

Satisfyer made just an unbelievably cool packaging. It is very bright, looks like a gift, it opens cool. Great work!


There are only two buttons "+" and "-" on the toy. A long press on the top "+" button turns the toy on and off, while short press changes the modes. The lower "-" reduces speed. It's simple, no magic here. The buttons are highlighted when pressed.

It is very cool that the charge is magnetic. If the indicator light blinks, then the toy needs more time to get charged, if the light is stable, it is charged.

Shape and material

This is one of those toys that you can leave in a conspicuous place without thinking that someone will understand its purpose. Satisfyer made it as close as possible in appearance to the ice cream - a brown horn, a wafer relief, and a pale pink top.

When I first took it in my hand, I did not expect the petals to be so soft. They are flexible and gentle. It bothers to see that the edges of the petals look as though they are damaged and bacteria can accumulate there. I don’t know if this is a problem of the particular party or they are all like that. I thought that this toy was more for excitement, not orgasm, but eventually it turned out the other way around.

For those who do not quite understand how it works: the part with the petals spins in different directions, and due to this, cool stimulation of the clitoris, nipples, and other sensitive areas is obtained. I get goosebumps on my arms and neck. You can stimulate with the ribs - it will be stronger and tougher. Or with the tips above - you get a more gentle effect. You better not use it without lubrication, it can cling to the skin.

For me, the main minus is that it is generally uncomfortable to hold when your hands are in grease. It spins so actively that it immediately rolls away and slips out. Especially if you accidentally grab the top and the base with your hand, in this case you get the show "hold the toy in your paws". And it’s not quiet all. A friend said that the sound is very similar to that of a coffee machine.


The toy does not imitate cunnilingus (if anyone thought so), but gives a new cool feeling, not like vacuum and vibration. Pluses - magnetic charging, cute appearance and delicate material. Minuses - noise, "damaged petals", constant attempts to escape.

And another big minus is the super unpleasant smell of rubber when you take it from the box. I had it weathered for a week, I washed it, processed it with cleaners - it did not help.


The manufacturer says that the first charge can last up to 8 hours, and if the magnets stop working, then plug the cord into the outlet, lean against the inputs of the toy and wait a bit, a magnetic effect should appear shortly.