Test drive of new Bucked products from System JO

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Review of lubricants from the telegram channel “Saliva is not a lubricant”, so as not to use saliva instead of a lubricant.


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Today I will tell you about three novelties from System JO: in winter they released a new series called Bucked. The main difference is that aloe and vitamin E are added to each lubricant in the series. I got an intimate massage cream, a hybrid lubricant for anal sex, and a hybrid lubricant that mimics sperm.

Bucked Wrangler Masturbation Cream. There are two types: odorless (like mine) and with a rawhide scent. The main component is water but with the addition of almond and coconut oils. Supplied in a regular tube, like classic hand creams, for example. The oil is quite dense. I can say, it’s very thick. It is stated that it literally melts from body temperature, but this is an exaggeration. An oily substance remains on the skin and hands. It is not sticky but this feeling of oil might not be pleasant. It just didn't work for me, but it may be different with you. It does not leave stains, it can be washed off with soap and water. For classic masturbation it will not work: “friction” is much lower in comparison with the same male masturbation gel from this company. In my opinion, this cream is well suited for jelling – male self-massage, but not particularly for masturbation. As I was told, it's like Velvet Hands cream at its minimum. Not compatible with Bucked Wrangler Latex Condoms.

Bucked Mount Hybrid Lubricant – Water and Silicone. Here System JO heard the prayers of thousands of people and finally made a CONVENIENT DISPENSER! You have no idea how excited I was when I saw it. The lubricant is thick. It’s not a real gel, but it’s thicker than water, the pH is such that it is ideal for anal sex. It sustains for a long time and washes off with water without problems, without leaving stains. It’s compatible with toys and condoms of any material. Due to the fact that the sliding is very long, the consumption is reduced. Masturbating with it went with a bang! Although it absorbs, it stays a little longer than conventional water-based lubricants, and the skin becomes very delicate and soft. There is no pronounced smell, it does not turn into pellets, the hands do not stick – an excellent quality product.

Another hybrid, Bucked Phantom Realistic Cum Play, a lubricant with a semen consistency, simulates semen. First, the bottle is equipped with the same convenient dispenser! The composition is also made of water and silicone. The lubricant is mostly intended for anal sex, according to the manufacturer. About imitation: it imitates well. You can't swallow it, though I still tried: sweet and bitter at the same time, even the little bit which got on my tongue. To be honest, it really is better not to taste it. Slips greatly, washes off easily, not sticky, does not leave stains. The only minus (or plus) – the lubricant is terribly liquid. That is, I understand that this is an imitation of sperm but it must be borne in mind that when applied, everything will flow, and it will look like sperm. As a cum fetishist, I like it all.

These two hybrids can be used in water: they will also slide, so you can play in the bathroom or in the pool, for example.