Tenga Flex: male and female look

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The Telegram channel “Saliva is not lubrication” have studied a masturbator for “sensitive persons”.


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Russian version

Tenga Flex is available in black and white. In black – with a more pronounced relief, and in white – on the contrary, for more sensitive persons. Today we will study the second variant.

First, I will share the impressions of my tester, and then I will add a little more from myself.

Male opinion

So. In I have got myself a new Tenga Flex, a serviced masturbator from my beloved Asians. An ins ert is made of a tricky material with corrugation is inserted into the case made of soft and pleasant to the touch plastic, and the first thing that catches your eye is the ergonomics of all this. Jokes aside, this toy is more convenient to clean than some fashionable device from Satisfyer with all its bells and whistles. The lid of the toy is equipped with a long rod on which the ins ert is put on, after which it is very easy to insert it back in to the hull.

In general, the visual component immediately catches you. Outwardly, Tenga looks like anything but a masturbator.

Like most toys from this manufacturer, the body has a hole for creating a vacuum (editor’s – to create a vacuum effect), and it really works! I have a version for especially sensitive boys, so most of the relief may seem too soft, but in my personal standings it is far from the last place.

As a result, this is a very pleasant and cute purchase. Not a favorite of my personal collection, but at this price which is no more expensive than unserviceable devices, it is very, very good.

Female opinion

This thermoplastic elastomer makes Tenga extremely pleasant to touch. Seriously, sometimes I don't like touching people as much as these things. The hull, by the way, is also made of soft material (plastic), it can be squeezed as you want, and also twisted. In the se t, there is a sachet of their branded lubricant - enough for a couple of usages, and do not forget to use a special powder for storage. Powder is needed to "clog" the pores of the material, otherwise the toy will quickly become unusable and sticky to the touch, and dust will gather inside. It is necessary to process it with powder only after complete washing and drying of the device.

In general, Tenga, as usual, is extremely cool both in design and in use.