Tenga Egg World

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Our author Danila introduces us to the Japanese masturbator.


Text and photo: Danila

Russian version

Tenga Egg is probably the easiest and most affordable way to touch with not only your hand, but with other parts of your body (ha-ha) the world of Japanese devices for enjoyment. A laconic, simple device, full of aesthetics of a culture incomprehensible to us. And if in supermarkets your gaze stops at boxes with chocolate eggs, then in a sex shop you begin with to observe these masturbation eggs from the Japanese company Tenga, which are sold in millions all over the world for several years.

The outer shell is an inconspicuous plastic container and may well lie in your luggage bag or office desk. Inside the container is a silicone egg, a grease bag, and a funnel with which you can squeeze the grease inward. With this simple operation, you can put an egg on your penis, focus on the Sailor Moon poster, and immerse yourself in the world of Japanese masturbation. The egg stretches perfectly and fits the penis, so the entire surface of the head is in contact with the internal relief of the egg. The relief pattern can be different, and this is a great reason to buy several eggs at once and choose the one that suits your taste. Since the material of the egg is very malleable, the masturbator responds well to the force with which you or your girlfriend (s) caress the penis. This gives a much richer palette of sensations and brings such an ancient and seemingly studied up and down process to a new level.

There are many scenarios for using eggs. It can be a boring business trip night at the hotel. Or you can excite your companion with it – she will also be interested in using a funny gadget in bed.

Japanese sex culture is completely different from ours – more sensual, as if seasoned with exotic spices, full of various subtleties. Add this nuance to your sexual experience and you will definitely not be disappointed.

With love, Danila.

The toy was provided to the wholesale company Kazanova 69 with the assistance of sexshopers.ru.