Tenga Crysta Block masturbator

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Elegant and durable, unlike others, with it “size does not matter” motto – says Uncle Therin.


Text and photo: Uncle Terin

Russian version

It's like the appearance in of Blackberry among ordinary Android devices. It's like an S-class Mercedes. Tenga Crysta Block looks elegant and expensive, even the design itself and the storage box are more reminiscent of some futuristic figure fr om the capsule collection than a regular masturbator which is just a “hole” in comparison.

And Bearded, in his column about the Crysta masturbator said: “Innovative solutions allow Tenga to create products that go ahead of its time”.

The toy really looks quite unlike the usual white masturbators from Tenga and the device is not transparent. This time, they focused on clear geometric shapes.

Inside the toy, in addition to the tunnel, there are rather hard black rhombuses that allow you to control the strength of stimulation by means of compression.

The diameter of the entrance itself is universal and will suit the owners of penises of any diameter, which makes the toy much more attractive! There are no restrictions and fears in the spirit: “What if it will be too broad?” or “What if it won't fit?”

The tunnel is narrow, but it stretches comfortably to fit any size.

Crysta should be seen not only as a solo device, but also as a very fetish thing for collaborative interactions.

You can grab it with both hands, and it will be almost a scene from the movie “Ghost”, wh ere the heroes enthusiastically were doing sculpting from clay.

The device is very “touching”, it would be desirable in every way to squeeze it. When using it together, it's fun to pull it all the way so that the head is on top, covered with the masturbator material. Then, through it, you can rub the sensitive area of the frenum and around the penis with your finger, and, judging by the reaction of the Bearded (author's partner – Editor's note), it feels great! You can also attach a powerful wand vibrator. The material of the masturbator will slightly smooth out the level of furiousness of the vibration, but at the same time it will be reflected throughout the toy, and on the head in particular.

Сrysta can be used as a masturbator not only for glans stimulation, but also for general stimulation along the entire penis.

I recommend alternating masturbation methods so as not to get used to one, this is a useful thing. Masturbation should be varied!

Technical specifications:
– material: classic Tenga elastomer;
– care: rinse it then treat it with a cleaner, then dry it and put it into the storage box;
– bonuses: as usual, the kit comes with a bag of Tenga lubricant for the first use;
– durability: the masturbator is reusable, there is a lot of material.

Be careful with sudden movements, the Bearded believes that in a fit of passion it can be torn. The thin membrane at the head can be damaged if the masturbator is fully lowered to the base of the penis.

Love, Terin.

The device was provided to the blogger for a test by the katesecrets.ru online store with the assistance of sexshopers.ru.