Sweet piece of pleasure

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Overview of Alina Shikut on mini Wand Sweet the Sensation from Satisfyer.


© Alina Shikut

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“Ice cream” – as it is informally called, or Sweet Sensation – is a clitoral stimulator from Satisfyer’s Lay On line. Another vibrator that I grabbed back in Shanghai, and now it is on sale here.

Outwardly, it resembles whipped ice cream from McDonald’s, but in fact it is a vibrator that helps burn calories, and not gain them. With a two or three orgasms for a couple as a bonus.

What I like most about this thing is: design (its particular compactness), power and price. The latter makes the vibrator accessible and threatens the sex toy market in general. I have already expressed my thoughts on how Satisfyer blows up this market, it is interesting to see what happens when other new products come out.

But let's take it in order. Design.

There is nothing superfluous in the package: a box, magnetic charging, a manual. Only the plastic in which the toy is placed irritates a bit.

The materials from which the device is made are 100% silicone and abs plastic. Sweet Sensation is waterproof, protection class IPX7 (throw in water, do what you want, it is not afraid).

In fact, this is a small wand convenient for constant carrying in a purse. Due to the size it’s an ad in the collection of inconspicuous toys for those who live with neighbors.

I will not speak a lot about magnetic charging, I will only say that this is the standard that all toys should have. At least until We-Vibe launches wireless ones, then I’ll be talking differently. Full charge – 3.5 hours. Operating time – 50 minutes.

Simple operation

“+” – turn on / off with a long press. Short – switch the modes.
“-” – return to the previous mode.

There are 15 vibration settings. The vibration is powerful, deep and echoing, but surprisingly quiet. Thanks to the powerful motor, the toy can be used to indirectly stimulate the clitoris. Hello, forced orgasm! Stimulation can be changed using the angle of the toy and the hips open.


It works well during sex with a partner and when playing alone. It can be applied to the clitoris during penetration. Playing solo, it is convenient to stimulate the entire penis/vulva head. In addition, this is still a beautiful universal vibro- piece, very good as a toy and as a gift.

In general, Shikut recommends.