Sweet and smooth: a lubricant from Joy Division

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“Edible lubricants have entered my life for a long time and, I think, for a long time. They are solidly settled on my list of sex indispensable things,”– Akula Pera


Text and photo: Akula Pera

Russian version

I have tried many tastes and brands, identified my favorites and even the criteria for evaluating such lubricants. Frenchkiss from Joy Division has confidently displaced some of his colleagues from the pedestal invented by me.

Specifically, I only use flavored lubricants for oral sex and other kissing and licking games. However, many of these lubricants are great for vaginal sex, masturbation, and sex toy fun. Frenchkiss is just the case when the lubricant can be used as your imagination pleases. A huge plus is that this lubricant is water-based, which means it can be used with latex condoms and silicone toys.

In the lubricant of Joy Division there is very cool strawberry flavor without chemical notes: as for me, the lubricant is not sugary and even has a subtle sourness (which I love).

Despite being water-based, Frenchkiss is thick and enveloping. This was a revelation to me because all the edible / flavored lubricants I tried were liquid.

For oral sex the glide is perfect: the lubricant is mixed with saliva and you get the right mix. For vaginal sex, too, not bad, but it didn't work for me: the lubricant turned out to be thick and dries quickly (just add water! If your water-based lubricant also dries quickly during sex, you can add a couple of drops of water, and the slippery effect will return) Again, this indicator is not for everybody. In theory, the lubricant will work for anal sex as well. (Editor's note - since the lubricant contains a sweetener, we do not recommend using it for vaginal and anal sex.)

The composition of the lubricant is not bad, there is no wild glycerin or hazardous oil products. However, always check to see if you are allergic to a particular ingredient. A big plus is a convenient tube. In general, I love lubricants in this package: you can squeeze out every last drop.

I can't help but mention that Joy Division are Germans. And this, for the most part, means high quality, be it cars or sex products.

I think the conclusion is obvious: I love and recommend Frenchkiss from Joy Division.

The lubricant was provided for a test drive by the wholesale company KAZANOVA 69 with the assistance of sexshopers.ru.