Svakom Trysta: the “rabbit”, which is difficult to find any fault in

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Did Alina Shikut find any flaws in an almost perfect vibrator?


Text: Alina Shikut

Russian version

The rabbit and the pea

The Svakom Trysta is the ultimate bunny vibrator tast is almost flawless.

Powerful vibration? Present. There are two more motors + a special effect ball.

Internal and external stimulation? Present.

Multi-speed, rechargeable? Correct.

Universal? Yes, sir.

But let's figure it out in detail.


Trysta is a compact wonder that is convenient to carry around everywhere. It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs only 110 grams (like iPhone5).

If size and fullness matter to you, don't waste your time. Trysta is not for you. It's more about focused, sensual people who are learning about masturbation.

A toy seems like a baby only at first glance. In fact, the size is normal. It is neither small nor huge. Working length – 10 cm. Hurray fr om women with short vaginas and those who do not like being poked into the cervix.

The engineers have done a good job

The rabbit has an ergonomic shape and a good G-curve. The vaginal process is rigid, it does not bend, but the clitoral process can be bent at least at 180 degrees.

When choosing a rabbit vibrator, it is important to consider the clitoris-vagina distance. We measure with a ruler fr om the center of the clitoris to the upper point of entry into the vagina. In order for Trysta to come up and the process to reach where it is needed, this distance should be no more than 4 cm. It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong distance. We are all different. This toy does not fit? Another one will.

It is worth noting as a plus a wide clitoral process of 2.5 cm. Stimulation will capture not only the clitoris, but also the labia. The ribbed pattern on the scion better retains lubricant and propagates vibration.

A beveled nose completes the vaginal part. A good design solution that greatly simplifies the introduction of the toy.

What kind of ball is there?

On the bevel of the vaginal process there is a wheel that can walk back and forth. By default, it was conceived to stimulate zone G. It's time to joke that not all princesses will feel this pea. You need to have a well-developed G-zone sensitivity to feel this pimple.

The ball can not only stimulate the G-spot, but also probe the vagina. Study yourself from the inside. Somewhere it can be very pleasant, somewhere not at all or painful. Focused stimulation like this is very helpful in developing sensitivity and attentive masturbation.

Here we will add the possibility of practicing the MOST techniques.

On the cervix, if the length is sufficient, the ball can be felt better.

If applied to the clitoris, you get an effect similar to a cuni done with a sharp tongue. You can turn on vibration to increase stimulation. Similarly, it can be used on the nipples or anus. If applied through clothing, you get a sensation of a very light fingering.

Why does nobody ever talk about the prostate?

Another place wh ere the ball will fit is the prostate. Trysta is suitable for safe anal stimulation. The ball should hit the prostate (if you have one), and the clitoral process will become a stopper and lie well on the perineum.

In the box:

– the vibrator itself, which comes in two colors (purple and berry red);
– a branded bag;
– a plug-in charging (when will brands learn to stylishly mark their chargers so that people like me don't get confused in wires?);
– a warranty card;
– a manual


When I first took it, I understood nothing. We'll have to try again. I believe that for a high-quality review of a toy, you need to test it more than once, with different moods, contexts and at different cycle times. Therefore, my reviews were waiting for more than one month.

You need to get used to the controls. There are only 3 buttons:
– the top turns on / off the ball;
– medium – turns on / off vibration, changes the pattern; vibration in the clitoral and vaginal processes is controlled by one button, there are modes wh ere only one or the second works;
– the lower one scrolls through the intensities in a circle.

A total of 2 ball speeds, 7 modes and 5 vibration intensities are available. All this can be combined.

By the way, 2 hours of charging is 1 hour of play.


During operation, the ball emits an unpleasant sound comparable to the operation of a toothbrush. Not directly critical, but this is no longer the device that will not be heard behind a closed door.

The manufacturer specifies the vibrator as waterproof. In fact, the protection class is IPX4. This is protection against direct splashing. Washing under the tap is ok, but you should not submerge it.

You will have to alternately press two buttons (upper and middle) to completely turn off the toy. This can be uncomfortable if you need to stop masturbating immediately.

Trysta is your option if:

– you are looking for the first vibrator;
– you need a universal toy;
– you want a small device for a couple-play (with Trysta you can play double penetration);
– size and active penetration are not very important to you, but sometimes you want to;
– you need a device for travels.