Svakom Edeny – a toy with many questions

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Is it convenient to go on a date with such a device in panties? We learn from the test drive of our blogger.

Text and photos: Lena and her members

Russian version

I love remote control devices. Especially those that are designed for the kink of publicity. Any, even the most boring film becomes more interesting if there is a vibrator in the underwear, and it is controlled by a neighbor in a cinema. And dating in restaurants: I want to rush home to continue not only with a toy. As you understand, in such devices I see many possibilities and applications. When I had Edeny, I thought “WOW!”, But the joy did not last long.

But first things first. This is a device controlled fr om a smartphone. There is an option to switch with buttons fr om the device itself, but somehow, it’s not at all convenient when the toy is hidden in the underwear. How does it attach to the underwear? Oh, here I was shocked! The Svakom brand did not make a magnet-holder, like with other such devices. We were given underpants with cutouts. Literally. Briefs that are tied with a bow (to fit all sizes) and with cutouts in the gusset where you can attach the toy. This is wh ere my endless series of questions to the brand begins.

Proud Svakom inscription flaunts on the panties. Does the manufacturer assume that when I take off my jeans or trousers, I want to be a walking ad for the brand? In fact, I hardly want to. Furthermore. Frankly speaking, these panties are trimmed with not very beautiful lace, it is unpleasantly felt on the skin, I want to be able to use the device without these difficulties.

I tested with the brand's panties, because this was the reason they were invented, right? I hooked the toy to the gusset and went on a date. The problems were connected not with sex, but with the toilet. In the toilet, you cannot just take off your panties, they are on the strings! You need to untie all this and put it somewhere. In a public restroom! Okay, let's move on. If you like tight-fitting clothes, it won't be easy either. The bows are long enough to tie on any shape, so if your hips vary in size from S or M, this whole story will stick out through your clothes.

Okay, let's leave the panties alone, we're testing the toy, right? The device itself in the cut of the gusset strives to roll back and forth, turn sideways and run away from the head of the clitoris. It sits well wh ere necessary, only in one case: if you very tightly squeezed these panties into yourself and tied them as tightly as possible. Because bows, by the way, tend to untie.

In the end, I got angry and tried to use the device with my regular underwear. I'll tell you right away: take something as tight and snug as possible. The toy can be immediately placed between the labia in the area of the head of the clitoris and go for a walk. By the way: this will not be comfortable for everyone, it depends on your vulva. If the labia minora stick out, you will definitely not place the toy. And one more thing: this whole structure began to rub after the first kilometer walk. The job of a tester is dangerous and difficult! In the end, I was able to test it, and the toy is quite good. Bluetooth does not fail, vibration is suitable for medium or high sensitivity (like all toys of the brand).

Edeny lives with me now as a vibro bullet. Because messing with their panties is a hell of a job.

If you want a wearable device, check out the We-Vibe Moxie or Satisfyer Sexy Secret. They attach to any panties, and do not provoke so many questions in usage. So far, Edeny has been a failure for me. Although it's great as a vibro bullet, you can play with it from a distance, when your partner(s) is at work, for example.

The toy was provided to the blogger for a test by the Tochkalubvi (Point of Love) online-store.